PS The One About the Personal Trainer Slash BodyGuard

Tuesday, September 11th

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Molly from everything you love it's just depends on how. Not one inventory finishing up. The funniest five minutes on the radio starting. I'd say is warm Brett from his girlfriend who wants to phones enemies of personal trainer he's trying to grow his music business. So will he take any anything can't let's see. Oh. Oh. Hey Brett how are you on this and I got your number from a friend of mine who comes here for personal training. I don't know what I item wondered if you're accepting new clients are which are schedules like two of you are couple questions for area. Yeah I'm always on all of accepting you by anybody was going on. I I am Brit pretty scrawny right now I'm not really. Athletic who were injured don't lift many things other than you know pizza I. So. Now I told what did you do which. Well summer's coming out I spend oh I spent a lot of time at the lake. Ands. I just added there's some people. Very bad I want to down strong now that I conveyed. Take care of business right leg of the eight. Hypothetically park their boat trailer. On my aide lands. Like they would be scared if I went to their door. Hey Randy and move your boat salary as opposed just kind of laughed and I mean you know it is now making sense. Amanda yeah I understand what you're outside you're Cadillac ball a little that are out there in summer and why it. Summer like tomorrow. Yeah I don't want to about what I wanna do is hire you to hang out with me on what I was thinking it is dim lights and jump ropes and free weights and those. Have all things that people balance on those giant ropes and I'm just gonna scatter arm like around my property. Right and Britain Ballard do it in a way where light. You can say things loudly. I've never seen anybody. Do this many reps of all these things. So they can hear. You now. And so actually I wondered how much luck so much here outside like that quickly at advantage right. Doctors time to Andre you right here you're mad at certain up and. A 100% in game like when I go over to their house to talk to him about the boat trailer you've come with me. Albert already bright light that Oregon does that we could go. Worst slump and how we're it was a bad. I'm up I'm Lenny air. It's right parents plays Ramirez buddies go up there you know in the summer and staff and to their fine tune out. And it sounds like China Malaysia and I'm. A charge like a 145 dollars an hour or straining something that you want to let you. Every day. How many hours rent to pay forty deal and shove someone. I don't the government of the government it would do that for you man. None hurt them. Relied. To shove him and yeah. So Louis you limited just to predict how a man at Kroger out there and you're you're due on the dish out your your neighbors are quietly I didn't understand how it's all the government got to do anything like that lying. And it will be government and I. The target reluctantly to trouble hurt on the light that's. Yeah you know I think that through. Did not think that threat okay about this and you come up right where have you and I got enough bite and you let me win in front of their people. With their boat traveler. And apparently they're gonna let nuclear virtually and I replied do I do not like. They like that out argument and. If if we do it around them and I can pretend knocked you out. And that night in and night out pretend like spit out here and I just by an app and so we leave rabbo loan or whatever I'll say right. I don't buy it spitting out my name is Nadia got outmanned. He used eight cry. Well then I would hope that a lot that didn't video characters out there and yet not a Internet are ridiculous. It. A little too much. Bank if they come over to check and you can use say I would be crying. But I've been Jews in so long how don't have emotions. Different scenario where you say they think you're hurt you know. Then there's a legitimate but it WM edu this current version you're gonna pay an undercard bout Salazar or. I actually now I'm not serious Nadal on your girlfriend Cassie sent us an email this is Jeff from the Japanese and shallow but hopefully I yeah. That is an announcer who we should call violence issue as best. Wish you happy birthday and Saturday here she comes home everyday and tells you about stands that they're less certain. I'll be glad to have found scam her friend in 25 bucks an hour. Yeah.