Produer David's Open Letter

Wednesday, June 8th


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We're on this open letter leaked on the jet's engines show letters are relieved. The passive aggressive way to get your opinion out there to a whole lot of people pray instead of just writing a private letter to the person you're frustrated with or whoa talking to him in person and know. Confrontation. Instead he used the Internet or social media and you posted Altman latter. And I don't know how we got off on this tangent of open letters but we're doing we're all writing open letters. T segments of the population in the driver's knots. And producer David Stern is today and I just take home happy I income that we're doing this. Because. This has been bottled up in me for salon and the NSA to cathartic yeah let's all the frustration that all the anger. Out because you are writing an open letter and of course the people who are on the receiving end of this letter will hear your words. And change their ways what I. Because they've been beaten down by an open latter can hit he adds that what I love about it is that everybody can relate to open letter. Because it's somehow strikes accord with union like yeah I I wrote an open letter that includes year round Hoosier people who you taken down to hey I really hope this affects he will be ties. This needs to change OK okay this is for all those people out there. Who like their own FaceBook posts. Felt you right to your grades are very good sides showing David world if you write oppose and basement you're not allowed to light your own words. Little. So judging you if you are already rated this I'm so ready here as your soap box let's hear your open letter. To people who like their own FaceBook. Posts. And dear person who likes their own FaceBook status is. The definition of narcissism them is an excessive or erotic interest of oneself and one's physical appearance. Let's be honest everywhere on FaceBook has a little bit of narcissus them otherwise UN post about your life. But you take it to a ridiculously level girl stopped liking your own stuff on FaceBook. Every picture insanity pose this followed by your own click of the like button and now that you can love her laugh at yourself and the like but it's so much works. We already know you like your own posts otherwise you wouldn't have posted it could. You liking your own status or picture is the equivalent of my grandma writing happy birthday to someone else on her own FaceBook at a oh my god added it is. Except she gets a pass because she's a 78 year old woman who barely knows how to use the Internet. You are twenty or thirty something year old and we already know you know how to use the Internet because you post at least for self ease that day and then you'll like them. Really some rain and every day so much raid. Let trades at a Nazi has come and just remember we already know you like whatever you post otherwise you had a posted the damn thing in the first place don't be mad at. Are you feeling. That was so great. That is David's open letter to people who like their own FaceBook status updates pictures code ice names. Just today. Now to everything thank you David thank our tight muscle feels better right what did you go get some fresh air take a few deep breaths. We'll get we Kelly assuming the cover found and then when you come down you go back inside I think it I think they just. She now. One.