Producer Kelly's Hangout Spelling Bee

Friday, May 27th


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Start 841. I only had a chance to talk to our producer Kelly she's about hang out fast so we're gonna get into that here in just a minute. In about fifteen minutes little less than that they're gonna want to. Be listening to the jets and and show as. We. Honor Memorial Day for the reason that we have a holiday producer David went out and talked with some veterans. We played it last hour but it's it's worthy of replays rates. Reminder of the reason. Board this weekend so do that in just a few minutes. So how technocrats. And IRS British or Kelly she's got to go represent. Star 941 hang out fast this year term metal out of band and out on the beach. Took some video will put some video up online you can enjoy hang them past vicariously. If somebody gets hasn't ever heard of hang out fast can you give it like a quick description. Yes it is a great kind of introduction to festivals in my opinion you get to stay in condos or house right around the beach it is on the beach the two main stages. Are on opposite sides of the beach which is really really cool in Gulf Shores, Alabama right exactly so it's about a five and a half hour drive from Atlanta maybe six or something like that but it is. So much fun and it's got every kind of person there you've got to hippies you've got. Beer drinkers you got like the median kids you element of everything solvents. Kids on parents' shoulders so it's just very festival friendly further people attending and for the people working hand for the artist I love this festivals them. It's so Kelly decided that while she was out there shoot take advantage of large population is of people with time to kill between the bands that one's. And she would ask them different questions and one of the questions GSM is I'd do you know this well yeah ands. People down yeah I Erica. Services Kelly cheese and hangout festival. Last weekend. You what's your name. Yeah and I am and it all out and you you've edited this idea that it so you can have shares to keep up. I had said that those numbers are unlocked. And I have them my economic help we were looking at night they see. And this girl had clearly have now wondering why and number and a. But what I AG and did the would you do. You know. I. I I actually would like it changed mine in the or started over again and you let your yeah. Name the man and a half. Well my name is Kelly I'm from Atlanta I am on the radio and I would ask you get spells on the guy you're ready I'm ready okay itself. Miss film in my limiting it. I name again. TE knows how you've seen I how they feel about that is not a right on the east under our that is not Iraq. And I write about another run what today. Davey Davey January brown from Baton Rouge, Louisiana town not wasting years down yes I smell alert miss bell. Miss California. Am I and kiss and exit DL now. I already feel about that. And yeah. Be out of it. Yeah. I am I haven't name. And that didn't make it right around I'm pregnant and maybe not change anything at that apple lately I am asking about coming on the Afghan high tech. The word we hear him. Duffy heartening yeah. And that acts and I love it again one hour now admit now yeah. It's yeah. EE it. I got it yeah on the earth hanging out there and it ran as an added that Burbank. That isn't as it did not when your name. Me Allan obviously. Happy are they out and I mean and you're paying an out here are. That's not learning learning though meager it. Yeah. Yeah. It. And AJ and me. You're not and you know you're not UK EE RK. I asked England and it. Allie you get well. Thanks for being bombarded it. Gel so I know people want to.