Producer Kelly: Riding Solo at Weddings

Friday, June 17th


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And gen John we go to the our producer Kelly she's actually considers herself an expert. And it's going to weddings all by herself absolutely like you are eight. You worry so low wedding act and the that she and I and I'm good I break it down force what are they did rules that are different than going to a wedding as a solo person verses going to a couple hours. OK so rule number one is you've got to be really confident mine that is one that's gonna go with all the other rules that come on the base of all of it. Just be confident because you have a day and honestly who cares. But a lot of people did say you're gonna have to tackle those questions of did you come with all you do and bring a day color you'd dating anybody. Just be confident and answer would actually you know I've got five dates in their standing next to that room and it's not an elegant and instead hit it into their lives and it saying you know it's coming funny. Or you know if you do have a boyfriend and he just doesn't go. Say something really. Edges of noxious or exaggerated like oh yeah he's a professional water slide test area and he's out do and that's an air. Something is crazy and just be confident about it so confident and it's funny to gain airlines prepared he had to say here tonight plus questions that so many people ask you. You Embry day. Now why is that so weird in LA who says single person swagger yeah I have some confidence and your slack perfect world number two is dressed to impress but not the wedding party dressed to impress yourself. And that goes back to being confident because if you're wearing something that you love and that you know you'll look great and people are going to looking you know you feel that way and when Mae's focus first on the question of whereas today. Next it's going to be like White House chief. She's really confidently she's talking what does she do I can't believe she's wearing white that would be one well done today. Exactly now on that's a single girl cry for attention not letting that girl who wears a long white dress that's enough opportunity. On the strapless dresses. If you strapless dress you gotta be really confident and it you can't. Tug at an all night no don't Paula I don't hole at it and fix it so yeah if there's address in your closet you've got to always adjust just as you're wearing it trap and I liked. Not at a wedding. Right or either or if you're really tall and you're wearing something that's kind of borderline sort. And you've got to worry about pulling down any of those things are as a short girl if you're wearing really high heels of her seat from comparable. Just know that data and constant shots that shows you where that you know so where where your comfort them with confidence that it can come so rule number three is a reach out other people that are going whether they're married or bringing a date. Reach out of them has wedding parties until block off a lot of reasons. And sometimes on an appalling at the corner by yourself the program on ramp or whatever you wanna make sure IK let's all book aren't together so it's not that. And actually go hunt sorry not three RD of line yeah there is magnetic. If I that's that is where you're trying to drag him back. I'm only you know ha ha. We're gonna force the pace yourself because. Everybody loves a good album art. Arguing that but you don't wanna go from the girl who has a lot of bundling graves' thing not doing things. This out little thing over on the corner and who couldn't keep you straight off like alcoholic beverage water alcoholic beverage water soda and then alcoholic beverage and wine alcohol beverage severe out like that's my my card drinks and lighters and that's a pro moved him into. I think I'd Jen was antsy about most of a gallon. Hats I think yeah like how that's really impressive yeah. You're aware of that wine in beer are alcohol had a backpack. Absolutely know you value shed if you're having a glass of whiners you realize you've had a few. Drink some water and there's not a round out their little throughput and will clear cut with a line in there it looks like out to Jay Leno exactly. Exactly and other great rule is if you find yourself alone during slow jam. That can be one of the most awkward moments at the pilot in that you you're giving you light load is awkward. But there is definitely some old grandpa who figured out by herself some old grandma over there that will love for you walk up to him the night. Let's I like relays shake that in Ella today acts and face on them funny I give the attention by. Dancing with the little flower girl or the ring bearer or the Gramm are the grand pockets that's adorable. And everybody sees act like oh I'll wait like I think perfect advice and. It's marketing because all of those people or go home and talk about you right. There were all that are single friends and I do this girl Betsy and it's not a right exactly or they have a single Peru's and I knew there and have a good time they're going to be like okay. Missing numbers and every year is a great time like you guys get Abbott sat addicts well that Kelly via text attack. Gen John we do so.