Producer Kelly Cheese's Open Letter on Potholes

Friday, July 8th


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Jen genre goes. I'm not gonna lie this segment has become as much for us is is for the entertainment of people listening. It does make you feel better once you read an open letter dated out there yet very cathartic it's very therapeutic. And we are all taking turns writing a second round. Of open letters today. Producer Kelly cheese is an event about what potholes pot well I think. Now let me say I Jana you decades C and a chance to human rights. By the other day I'm scrolling through this man to man in icy Kelly she's cyclic and her story. He's got an outline. But two flat tires to Curtis. There are streets of Atlanta now in the pot holed an Atlanta mother call you guys out there she is speaking from the heart. Animosity guessing from the. Wallet yes yeah it really Julie now I've low profile tires on my car. So I can I have one problem just time. She is the furious part of fast and furious. I decades doctors about bottles aren't here again this is an open letters all the models and Atlanta. So here I am driving in my little civic probably behind a Marta bus or on the way to pick a Chinese food and I am. Had a model that the size of my body and I pop another tire or two tires because yeah this happens all the time. Don't pretend like you don't know this pain because someone listening right now hasn't spare tire on their car because of a possible that they hit you. Where the hell do these models keep coming around. Why is greater smashed into north avenue these things are huge and where the hell are the people who are supposed to be fixing means. I could fill most of these bottles of water in by a couple friends over and have a pool party they're so damn it fits in there puddles anonymous tightened attitude does anyone else. Feel this pain will there ever be Iran without potholes in Atlanta. So there's high. Fire. And I really O'Malley Chinese in the Saturday Matt and mark last and it did in these models and it was just like him now and then her. And them a couple of over I don't wanna get hit Ernie thing and I like you but I just wanted to this man was. And how many since the start of the year how many flat tires yet. And the past thirty unsigned past forty days now have three brief academy be maybe it's time to look in words. May be your problem is how bad did it. I'm just saying maybe it's Amber's himself analysis. My name hasn't slowed down maybe. Could be maybe if you aren't that close to the Marta bus you have time under siege upon on reactive. I mean as well as a pretty big problem I don't how honest and at all that I can't focus you can't swerve into the other lane of traffic right Lazazzera is time people are when I pop it out on north avenue and Italy's plates down. Wall made didn't have the plates down Monday silently out great the plates are gonna read this bottles six. And Ireland over him. It was not and I feel like this late cause putt at calls popped tires they're yeah. I don't know we're the first Monica's Atlanta's the only city and it says that. So I don't know who's the first woman who's like having had a giant hole Weatherford in the water pipe when you audience is out throw boredom. Yeah I got a real path I figured out open letter Kelly chief thank you venting about potholes and the jet engines here disparity for one. Jay John we just.