Producer Kelly Cheese's Open Letter

Monday, June 6th


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Jesse James Giles. Sons are not before one. We've dubbed this open letter a week I'm the Jeff's engine and Shelby has opened letters and the new passive aggressive way too. You protest anything would rather than go to the manager of a store and say I needed terrible job. You write an open letter instead of complaining about what your politicians. Are doing. You write an open letter sent contacting their office directly. Really mean an open letter it's a letter that you send you an individual but you publish publicly making it open it. It's OK everyone agreed it's more pathetic than petitions. He takes time I write an open letter about how much. Yeah I'd I don't know Wayne open letters to and became a thing but their thing. I think it became a thing when somebody had too much wine and sat down in front of FaceBook and decided to just write and write and write invent. We opened letters or not they. So if you're upset about something if you're angry if you're frustrated. You don't call the person who's setting you freedom confront them in the place. You don't write a private letter to the person who runs the company you've got beat wave. You don't take it up with your boss. You write an open letter people write open letters about millennium goals open letters about things that the government is doing in traffic patterns and we're sidewalk should be open letters about. Taylor Swift and not Whitner music and ample putting their music and a culture it's passive aggressive way to each appoint that's what it should be called it should be called. Passive aggressive essay yeah it's not an open letter and as a passive aggressive SA. So what we're doing on the jet's engine engine is we are giving everybody who's involved in the ship the opportunity to write an open letter. And reading on the air to any audience that. Bugs them. Got it got so first up is our producer Kelly cheese to read her open letter and what's. Segment of the population and are you taken down today. I'm taking down people who are going to be affected by this right now. I am I an open letter to all the people who drive slow in the far less flames. They leave them and those cited it to do this dynamic call all of you out. Step up I'm not had a thought if I doubted. All right so you're open letter to. Slow movers in the left hand lane step up when your soap box pretty certain allergies you. Well hello. We meet again and it seems like you're always hear when I need you Billy's. It's usually when I'm in a rush hour when I'm running late. You just decide to show up. I can always count on you to be here in the far left plane driving under the speed limit. In case you weren't aware the last plane is also known as that passing lane or the bass slain and it's known that way for a reason we. Who should be driving in the left plain want to drive fast or pass those of you who are driving slower. So right now if you find yourself in your car on 75. 85400. RT 85 in your wondering why the president Hymie riding my bumper I'm driving the speed limit. Take good looking yourself. You're in the left playing. Going the speed limit. You. Who are you. Move over flood plain is people going over the speed limit not per pupil IQ. Driving at your leisure on the red do you not have anywhere to be are you not really like myself. And why is it when I'm going over the speed limit there you are a bust and rightfully you know hand comment and you still don't get it may he did you just don't move over. So then I have to write your bumper and be aggressive about it and then I come off like the Marine One and you decide to brake check me and I hit your car and it might fall now not. His are probably tried to pass you using the right lane which is act of backwards the face your buddy is right along CU going their savings expected. So here I am trying to evade the rules of the left lane and I'm stuck behind you missed heard and I live. Didn't make reading and gestures and yelling you remember over as if you can hear me you slowed some of I. Go vote and. Head to your opening line you opening lines line. You always hear saying look you know. However it's not gonna care about it I'm driving miss the tournament I think you won me over with tired of I those Kelly she's is open letter to people who don't respect the rules of the left lane. That's where the fast drivers now slower here a moment. The more to the right you have to get up stand you know WR and 10. Did you have did you shall.