Producer Kelly Cheese Doesn't Want Kids

Wednesday, June 29th


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Thanks for making this wedge. And Jesse James shell apparently aren't. So our producer Kelly cheese tolerate telling. I'm tying out of China in September all right so she's 28 years ago. And she has made this nation that is raising flags and everybody that knows where everybody maybe I'm fine maybe even Jenn hobby. CNN. Com a thing I have what I'm more like you do you do me right but I can understand. Where. People are coming from when they're giving this advice yeah TQ it's a down and I said that since I was picket. I've always just don't have the desire to have a child do you not. Do you not lately kids or other loved him and I told nieces and nephews four Brothers all of them have kids. And so growing up as they started having kids I just wanted to cuddle them Allen vehicle ban but I don't ever want to be like the cool mom I and his own I want him. You gotta cut of time and man you honest say Iraq. At their Mamas and dirty. And so your life is trying to convince you otherwise everybody. Everybody in who's the worse. Offender must this loss. Real sick there though words are so annoying theirs on time at a you change your mind when you don't know me like that on him like I ears. And my brother Simon Reynolds and Kelly's. Never advocate Ali and her allies. And now that they've flow is stopped. But it comes up there on man in the senior Brothers both had kids in two days of each other OK I have nieces and nephew or both about a B Fuller. And every time I see them in love on me one of them looks just like me in. So that's kind of brought it back out like see this could be right now only I don't love them I loved this child I don't love. And so I think what you have children immediately which they recent good at is they're suing feel he can't. I'm curious if it affects your day life. It I've dated people who that chains and six or seven months later they're talking now. You know rule that would want kids and families and now I'm not changing my mind. And have them on it realize I'm theories about it I just stop wasting time if you'd thought I was. Now we have had at. What is it about tiny little cute little monsters achieved is. That if the fact that right there. Now I just hasn't. I feel I have always been really independent. And I don't want or isn't a child a potentially and I feel like that's what would happen and I feel like this child hold me back I'm saying until my Brothers back. But I've seen them in certain situations where. I feel like if they didn't have kids around it would have been like easier for them to do something now. Playing devil's advocate Kate you argue that anything. That has an upside can also hold you back like. You I hope you enjoyed coming to this job and I with Jen and him marina Collison and and do an Indy Embree things. But I'm also guessing that some nights maybe all your friends are going out at like 10 PM and you know I've. And that's been my strength is an epic 4:30 in the morning yeah for sure there's give and take for share. But I just. I would be the type because of how much I want to do is still at a power pregnant right now and had a child. I would arisen in the fact that I had child and I feel like in a few years I would be at the parent that looks back and says that you held me back panel ever wanna do. What if I callies best friends is the same lines today as down Allen kids and she says today in like it has to come up. On one of the first couple days species neck and invest. In time in a relationship where he wants them right yeah he brings it out so it's an odd how does it come how do you bring it up on the first. It's herbal usually and that the sibling question comes up first sent out any Brothers and sisters I got four Brothers on the only girl local. And then it comes that I rats while these men have you like their we had a circus in my house fifth and a man that next question is how old do you want kids and I mean you might note shut it down and yeah. Any there they think I am I'm joking at all or they may think social change her mind. And then you on coupled aids and you kind of feel it out inflated this person hasn't yet I'm really never change in my mind. As all of them my boyfriend he's saying he doesn't. He hasn't wanted so. On the same page with that Alia would you say something. Goes wrong with your boyfriend and let you have it somebody who already had kids I apps on little or as like my dream. Really is my did you blame I'm like a guy is open to it but I already did that yeah and I haven't anymore I could definitely vehicles yeah. My honest I would love our older to adopt a kid who's maybe them on in the system their whole lives and just really needs. Someone who can help them get through school and put them in college I would love to be like Alec and Mormon mentor. I'm just I don't think Indian parents so you don't want that you are self aware enough to know yeah. So what is and isn't the isn't that being the vessel that carrier for a for the little monster oriented it had hair Verizon's news. And it means that it might. Have. Yeah. Like alien enemy body I. Like people have such a weird reaction is is it you're a minority. Right and I think those women feel that hole. Sciutto is he feel that. And 33 every producer and have a child and you know as strong as you are convicted in not having kids acting. A lot of women including me it was like I'm going to have children yeah like you own hat and a nation I want kids. And. On her life in his industry and for. I'm guessing they're tenured double ear infection month. Our week last month you probably think actually a few years maybe Jesus. Art. Planners and men whose are the only ointment and care and Amer people who care. Told him. Portland Oregon arming them and acting. You. Change else's. Yeah. Explain. It. You can and yes it's it's. Anything and just expect you. And I. Of saint I'm hat. Making this switch to the shots aren't.