Producer Jeannine's #StoryBehindThePic

Wednesday, March 29th

Every picture is worth a thousand words, and we think it's worth taking the time to share the whole story 


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Okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shell hole. Producer Geneen is extremely quirky here that I'm an isolated thing. Her story behind the pick is going to prove this theory that the feature out through the evidence of said quirk. Yes yes sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words that you don't get the whole story by just seen the picture. Our social media world Ali we see pictures all day long a people but sometimes. There's greater depth to the story and you can actually get from one little snapshot right now. We like to hear the story behind the tech and today Geneen it's not your. So the picture that you named host city is her looking over race. Lovely mountain leg that addiction that you just finished hiker something hot day and on your head. As one would have on top of a mountain. Is a cat. Food and anyway they heard my cat named apricots yeah RI GLA this. What is the story. Behind that it. OK so on if you see the picture you'll notice that he stuffed cat Henne was apricots will be intact. She is fourteen years sorrow she's not a taxidermy cat. No I think he manages suit but it do you really put a pastor mean to have this. I haven't had kind have not stuff and none out and I would freak me out in a wagon and that's early scary enough and next are you and her alive. April caddie is a fourteen year old stuffed cats she's actually about to turn fourteen impaired the same day that I turned 24. Because I got her on my temper thing. From my mom. And she has been essentially kind of the best for instance and and I yeah this is when you can start making economy and the the picture itself and in the matter on neck in northern New York if and and there's actually a lot of pictures that involve paper cut. Throughout these last almost fourteen years now. And that is because since the day I got her she has gone with me and every single trip. Have ever gone around. Re only include a I have pictures of her looking out airplane windows and that's on another outlooks yup she's not an easy eagle on and make sure I get a picture everywhere. And if I don't know what it this point is it just a thing to get a collection of apricots pictures. Or is there a weird emotional connection between you and the cat definitely both. Because I have I don't wanna see real path zipper and Israel. I have breathing cats now yep I can't cut it didn't she she just kind of likes it she's also pretty she's pretty fragile because she's almost fourteen years old. On says she has kind of sits in the corner Marion and judges me. As she's on she's essentially sat sealed lady cat now do you talk to work. I used to a Lyle. Like fair when I was younger like. Obviously like she keeps secrets better than anyone else because I'm not populate my comfort cap for a while an island like she is your Lovie. Should. Oh then yeah and usually levees or when your like one or two and then what. Answered people would friends as a loving like a blanket of Fredricka yeah yeah. So I should go with me everywhere and this particular trip is the brick like I chose this picture. Particularly because this was I think one of my favorite trips of my whole life this is a weeklong road trip. That I spend months planning. During college and we camps. In upstate New York Canada and then drove back down through Vermont. So the whole thing was is gorgeous road trip through all of these states. And country is it getting passports for a friend's OK I was just worrying if you're saying we of yours refresh view in the senate and I. Are very humans and now by then I got a few friends. You people be willing to be McCartney for a week but down. The picture itself is looking out at the mountains after going up this huge round and it's absolutely gorgeous but it's one of those pictures and I look back it's like habeas. That I felt a long time I was like. I've been working out that entire month in preparation early and give your backlit a man my name tells me there is Tara hunt concert pictures. For con people make me always fun. But come as some sort of like this is I won a pretty good pictures of me because I was like the year that I cared about my. And it worked out so much and I planned this whole trip which was really hard to do to get a bunch of college age people. Actually care about this like. Really into another country for part of it it was like hard to do all of this in my dad let me virus car and digging out all of the pricing and everything's a lot of it was on me a plan and I loved it so much and to see the whole thing come together. Was just so much fun but Aybar cut obviously came to me there's so many pictures of repair I am yeah where does it for college now. It got lives in the corner rarely with a couple of other stuffed animals that they do keep with me my whole life. Com they have names and stories and that's kind of let. It's specialized she really is she's she has a sassy old lady voice now and she doesn't like. Talk and I have a voice heard I don't do that now you just spirited and I just here to my tag is she judges mean she'd like she never says anything. But she just like stairs and judges me and I am I now. Again it's fine. But I really do you have like hundreds of pictures over the last fourteen years of her. Awesome yet to have some pictures are good gallery well well Ginny do you would take like food like human food and go oh dude go. Crowd and music racecars these JP is silly cap stony racecars these she does that would tunis. Thanks for sharing your story Jennie O Couric's. You into neighboring tribes they can go look at the big drama. Not all like to share that conversation continues lead jet engine on FaceBook.