Producer J9's Has Her First Appearance

Friday, March 24th

....and she has no idea what to expect. 

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Star in 941. Do you remember it being nerves any anxiety of your first job what was your first job average and. Well I was a baby sit her first. My first real job was a restaurant server at a little team room. And saint Petersburg Florida so I would serve little ladies afternoon TD and your first day of work like you made sure you present. Properly. Probably got there early very nervous she didn't wanna screw anything up I was shaking when I served that hot seat little lady because I knew like don't spell under the current year. The feelings they did you had a we all had. Where their first job I imagine. Is what Geneen is feeling like Jan and I feel like you. Might be thinking your pushing like a baby burn out of the nest. Only because it's you mean because your parents first term. And so nervous. I'm nervous and more honestly I haven't talked about it with anyone yet I don't. I don't have any idea what I'm doing I know it's different actress and I'm assuming it would be like Oprah like you also tell you still have. So. Err a remotes. And net radio lingo is when. A talent in a radio station get tired. To appear on site for an advertiser. And Janine will soon explain what she thinks. Is gonna happen at that on site appearance. Com and then Jen and I will tell you based on our experience what happens at those on site experiences. So in your mind what is your job at a radio remotes you said it's a furniture story yes it to have reduced pressure story in Duluth are right so from one to three. I guess I'll go I'm assuming street will be there I'm not sure. I don't even notice is aware but again I really dislike. Some and about advertising printers so hype people up about so that's hyped up about. A lot of things I can't. I talents and tell us how you where to hide someone up about a social. I did this you stand next to regulate this is the lawyer if I thought I saw out. It's nice accent pillows clearly very well we're do you think you'll physically beat while this is and Downey say that I assume outside town. No I'm just wondering where. In that lake so you pulling two of the day at the cavities parking lot you park your car and then what do you do. Hopefully today is that giant star van to tell me where to go right back up towards back and then is that good I think about I should probably be outside. And I got an email about Colin remotes which. Kind of has made it goes like well. I'll probably be calling into the station and talking about it that didn't even clicked in my mind and I got out of the heavy senses a radio person to. This and you've never got a call and before you know Omega we have so much here now and hide so. A public self furniture yeah I think. You know the wheel of pregnancy cravings. Nice that becomes a prize wheel okay I am so right Israel listeners can come up and no basement it you don't out and bad idea right. I. They spin it and pick whatever prize lands on so that'll be fun. I'm sure having his hasn't sort of deals going on you gotta make sure you know those inside announced he helped sell the deals I well. What percentage off for a lot of furniture combo as they cuddled lazy boy with the coffee table or that. So the sat may be a matching and tables in there. I am I. Come and see you on Saturday. Turning to you really love for your stories I would go all the time with my mom and just like pretend I lived there itself it reminds me a book that I read to the girls a corduroy to you guys are requiring whoever is still on the air yeah. I've been missing. The Oregon's loss in the French I still have that yeah. Sorry okay. Oh. Again I'd turn to meet gonna be like a little bear corner I I got a quarter but curry had parties. Highs and you're not gonna be and that PA and the whole time to tell people that. Scream if they're trying to dine that lake. Usually what happens is you get there you'll introduce your self always finds that the manager of the person who price there you have. The county executive for the radio station who you work in with the at the station you know no idea tonight you don't wanna try. And and then you. It's there if there there he's ahead of and you go to the store manager he says had a ham introduce yourself or horror. And then you welcome people as they come into the store spin the prize wheel and once or twice now or you'll have to call the radio station. Demands excitedly tell them about what you're doing in the bat I think it's gonna be the most challenging part free. I think it is because I am I mean I'm not annoyed note to saint on there anyway but like. I've ever been a caller on our radio station. It EU that you do like to play video games that deal and you do like to lunch at your cash on hand couch I'd say you can talk about their furniture and how wonderful it fits with his like I your lifestyle how should I think it would be good for daytime lounging yes now this is not I think is good for coddling. But the mental energies got to be. Way high. Way high way how I can do that it's a Saturday I bring it let's hear it does here and I've been here fifteen seconds and he's out now. I can't you know academic caps area are going to be standing at the table a. I readying. We gonna give you countdown and then you go Geneva. And sell your have a Yzerman and thin and your support you'll start with who you are okay and where you are. The land this regs on my name name. Yeah we are where you are player and why do I. Want to come there right now. 321. Go. I say it's too mean Freddie didn't didn't show and that. Yeah. I just think. And they're really happy and so like them and none of this because it's. And try not to be so high pitched and a half almost a man hundred is perfect and met a match to lose they got. So nice tour groups you could fit through some good hide and seek in this wardrobe or what time we do there tomorrow. Industry PS. And adjust and change yeah. I've NCA a hammer he's outlet for 1000. Venture drive in it to us for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One start now before one and.