Producer Donna's Open Letter about Side Seat Drivers

Tuesday, June 7th


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Agenda shall we go. Kelly she's it was on we've done it without losing. I good morning 755. Yeah I've I've. Companies your brain just get the heavier math. I was equivalent of tripping while mocking and they just run a few steps and hope nobody knows fat part of San. Palin just say you know you listening and it carried out on my standards I'm fine. You write for your listening so and chips onion and urgent. Open letter on the jet engines out open letter because earlier passive aggressive way you read over Leonard who Jack our eighth. It's your passport a way to get your point across. Not things that drive you nuts so our producer Kelly cheese I believe is what you're trying to say yes still hers yesterday about people driving the speed limit or too slow in the last line she's like that's for surfers speeders and all eight Frey I saw. She should pose that an ounce basement and Annie is that Japanese and show. Page that that's right sign yesterday and you post your letter right and somebody comment instead the problem is even in the last handling people who are going faster. Sometimes on his left hand five or ten miles over the speed limit. And people still right back bumper. It's for faster than he had played it. People especially here in Atlanta we interstates with twelve Lanny just to choose from if people on gas Taylor passing on the right. He play then you don't Islam. I anyways that was yesterday from him yesterday moving up its producer Donald stern today. Yeah our our producer Donna has any issue we've passenger's seat driver she does not much care for people who like to sit in the front seat with her and tell her. How to drive so we pull up this soapbox we step back and we allow producer Donna. To share. Her open letter to passenger seat down. The microphones. The air passenger's seat drivers. Police. Know your role in my car. Please don't get me instructions on how to drive my car. I had my car fourteen years I got my license at sixteen. Past the test on the arched her. It is very and knowing when he asks me why do you drive so next. All are slow now you see the speed limit yes I do you. I am sick I don't I don't want an Arab to open letter to thank you now wanna receive an open letter about interrupting opened matters. But I. But I'm getting the impression I yeah I am getting the impression down. That you tend to be a speedy driver yes you made a lot of references to people saying. He's seen the speed limit maybe you should slow down one are you going so fast yes okay. Just I just wanna make sure we all understand it's just my mom. OK houses an open letter to your mom yes I got. Okay guides Iditarod so we are at the speed limit signs go ahead. So. I've made rules for my car okay please put your seat on. Do not touch my radio. I actually focus better when my music is blasting anyways if you don't like my rules Atlanta beauty two dollars and CDC. Because I can assure you that you won't tell the Marta bus how to drive the truck laughter. How fast talent. And you won't Chinese airspace. They are you think my drive is that day. Question for. Mom. But didn't dad. Bass and that's so shut up and take a free ride you didn't just a modest show. Who know it was an open letter I taught passengers and I passenger seat Jarrett. Sincerely. Down. Yet traveled with what I've got out his vision among the ground. Just out of curiosity did you mama Solutia yes okay. That I hope there is never in the U in the near future to borrow some gas money from her anything done I think your text messages. That's a great. Open letter that that's exactly what we're talking about. I'd never to have told her how mad this makes me. But my fiance Cali wants reached over and turned on my windshield wipers little I know that as a violation I know across the body violation and I might just keep violate your idea to down I might just keeps a Marta tokens in the couple there yet. Right and then if if anything happens I'll just pull over quietly and hand them a Marta token and then just and that's what are you don't wanna get out OK and you'll be okay leave the radio yet is likely that. Jay you shall we go so.