Producer David's Statement on the Orlando Massacre

Monday, June 13th


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Thanks for meal bar today. It's. A whole loss every now and again an image pops up on the news that yes. Reminds me of the magnitude. Of fifty people and 53 injured and I saw this on my can't take Cali actually pointed this out yesterday she said they're taking. The injured hospitals and pickup trucks. But that's how many people needed care of it look like they were. Pickup trucks owned like if your top who happen to own a pickup truck you went home and got your pickup truck and drove it there to load people in the back. And Russian that the hospital which luckily was only. About a mile away that I mean that's. That doesn't happen in America yet I mean. One of the most. Chilling stories that I had heard up until this point was. The cell phones ringing throughout the night club. In the pockets of that day and yeah just phones ringing. Text messages going off family members trying to find their loved ones. It's updated. We wanna be put street in common share your motion with us and he'll together and be a place where we can share stories of humanity coming together and supporting one another because I do believe people are good and I do. Believe and we believe that we are stronger together than. In celebrating. How humanity does loved each other gay straight doesn't matter. It's that we love each other and we are all Americans all affected by this act of terrorism and this act of hate. The this story hit home for one of us more than that anyone else on the show. For reasons that. Up until this moment had never been publicly discussed. And that person. His producer David. Who had a hit since we've known him has struggled. We've how much of himself to share on the on the radio for for a variety of reasons that arm and tell. But decided in the in the shadow of of what happened over the weekend in Orlando that he had to say something so. At this point com newsroom you handout. I I never thought that I would be in a position. To be able to tell shared this much of myself and while it is scary I am so grateful because. You know I have no idea what kind of impact it could have and I am hoping that it could help someone. But look with with this. Tragedy. I just sat down to your last night typing up something that I felt like I just had to share. And so useful resources. And it's such a loss for words because this is devastating attack hits so close to home. There are fifty people dead because of pure hatred. This is a terrorism act and hate crime. Not only because this guy is involved with nicest but because he massacred fifty people for simply being themselves. Because of who they where. And who they loves. All because one person doesn't like gay people or as the killer's father has even said the catalyst. Was because he didn't like to see two men kiss. This could've been your brother your sister. Or your best friend. This could've been me. I've never been this publicly out before but I feel like after something this horrific. I have to speak out and encourage people. To be proud of who they are and for that to happen I have to be proud of myself. As a gay man. To hear that someone who and what to kill me just because they don't want to see or don't like me kissing my boyfriend. Is vile disgusting and horrific. And though I am concerned but I refuse. To be scared. This will not shut our community down this will not silence us this'll bring us together in ways that Howard couldn't have even imagined. We will fight we will fight for our rights and our protections. No one deserves the malicious treatment that LG BT community has had to endure not now. Not ever. Violence is never the answer but violence is bored out of hate and hate speech. Its board from statements made by people like senators who say gay people should be killed. Or by throwing out Bible verses on Twitter saying that they will reap what they so. Rather than focusing on those Bible verses that preached love and understanding. And compassion that god is love. Instead of degrading demeaning. And being angry at a group of people instead focus on the positives of your own life and just be thankful. Be thankful that you'll have to be scared of your life being taken away just because of who you love. Be thankful that you don't have to worry about the government's stepping NC can just marry the person that you fell in love with. Be thankful that today you don't have to concern yourself with me you're going to use the bathroom when you go to lunch when you go to once with your family friends or co workers. Be thankful that you don't have to worry about being fired from your job just because of the UR and something that you cannot help yourself. And be thankful that your parents ever kicked you out of your house for being straight or having feelings for another guy or girl. And I myself very lucky that I've never had to worry about that that there are those out there who have. If there was more love compassion. And just empathy. In this world. And set a patriot condemnation in judgement of others. If we looked outside of ourselves and tried to focus on what other people are going through. And it's just pure humanity of every once just trying to live their lives. This world would only be a better place but it would be safer place. And that's what I just want wanted to share with everyone today. Thinking. It. OK we're. And it's. And I. You know. And is now. And and me yeah. They.