Producer David's Open Letter on Grocery Carts

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shia. Are thing I'd there'll ever faced its passive aggressive way of just telling. You that's something so. We have deemed this and other open letter week on the jet engines show and day. It's your turn producer David got an open letter to read a pretty mad that this makes me incredibly bad this is to all the people. Who leave their grocery carts in the parking lot of the. I think it's really just entered the unless it's ridiculous. And there's it's not like the little corral is that far away hitting it and how are actually act. IQ and it's OK okay. Deer in humans who leave their Griffey in the middle of the park side you are stain on the human race. You've somehow managed to walk all over the entire grocery store but can't seem to make the ten feet over to the part return to. You're lazy incompetent and just all around nasty. I would rather floss my teeth after not doing it for years have led to renting from my gums for hours and have to look you in the guy. I pull into the lot and few rare open space near the front and it'll jittery inside. Only to pull up and see your transgression glaring me in the thing the hunting me like a child who's taken that last cookie from the cookie jar if you are abominable. All swat is apart quickly get inside and get my groceries but know. I've got to like your ass and take your card inside or just deal with it as is -- my card spot beside your body. But sometimes I just run over because let's be honest that's just easier ain't no way in hell I'm giving up my friend and partner that the I don't know what our society has come to a we throw common sense and decency out the window and exchange for a 152 quicker getaway from the store but I. I grieve for our children you see these habits as normal. In fact I'm starting an online campaign. Hash tag no cart left behind fifth. It's time to make parking lots great again. And guys who are came out. Raging mad. All in development and I at. And yet leads maybe go take a lap around the building if you deep routes you've read back entrance and one. Appreciate Shia.