Producer David is Mad about Miss USA

Monday, June 6th


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Thank you for making this switch today Jeffrey. Last night our producer David was glued to the television. While wearing it here. It was the miss USA pageant and he is viewing party every single match. Last night was no exception he came in this morning and he's. Let him act now before we get into the technicalities of the events last night I would like they moment celebrate things about actions that I enjoy. And that the contestants choking in the question. A missed an outsider to be view is it will play miss California is never not ever going to be as good as our. Our BF I personally believe. That yes miss miss teen South Carolina in nineteen they. Personally believe that. Yes Americans are unable today's. Beachhead that thumb and people out there named Shannon don't have that in them I believe that I education like such a good. South Africa and says I ask everywhere like sitting on pins and I believe that day it's today that. Our education over here and yes it healthy yet and I should help South Africa. And see how actor and country. We Cingular and you. My gratitude redemptions grown up now that was how many years ago 67 years I would. I would imagine she's avoiding that. We knew just change your name and pretend that was I should I actually have somebody in my life and answer maybe religion that I think. It's back down do you where miss California chip a little bit last night was mapping out this is miss California tan and answer a question. When it comes to social and economic equality. I think that the rich and the bore you to stop being so segregated. I think there's some class I think that their rates. Need to. Roads you. Printer I think that there Reyes needs to be able to. Beat giving and I think the tour need to work hard in the middle class need to come together and I. Rate rabbit outlet has producer David all mad men does Elvis morning okay I have. Before I get in the hell livid I am I want to say it was great for our own miss Georgia she got second runner up last night so that was great. So second runner up is third place to place okay thank you and I its own knowing. It's like it's like people who who measure their babies agent months. Mattered if you don't Wear the crown does it matter if you're sick and tired nauert if and while pregnant are you do the first runner up you first of the losers. Today take over the crown if mr. ethic of the cursor at the upper. Right okay antiquated elements Georgia it varies it. Sad because it's. The point. Of miss USA if the find the best represented it to go to miss universe both. And miss Hawaii to meet with the notes exotic looking law man seen with goddess from getting to and everything was on point. And and and he. Sees in the first she lost to miss DC was great at her own right but. That's why with asks an impossible. Question and she nailed it. With Hillary Clinton expected to surpass the delegate count needed to win the Democratic Party nomination. My question to you is. It's the election were held tomorrow. Would you vote Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Hugged the president yeah why are you choose one. This is hopeful that sued Jackson. We need in the united them. Lights and that's why. We need it it's. It's. And there. Presses ever really since he did they. That she sure does to me she get a totally thrown off by saying why is an island and devote to the I have a. And so CNET losing him if DC who was great and she answered her question which will plaintiffs the second phenomenally. But we preface this by saying. With DC is in the military and scenes she served our country it's wonderful. She was spoon fed this question. The Pentagon. Recently made the decision. To open up all combat jobs to women. No somehow question yes straight right now some question whether this has led to political correctness. Over our military's ability to perform the highest level what are your thoughts. As a woman in the united states army and and by our government to allow women to integrate its every branch of the military. We are just this just isn't in its. As a commander. As a commander at my unit I'm powerful. I am dedicating. And it is important that we recognize that gender does not limit us that you. Right might. Phenomenal it's like I said but that's like asking. You Jan. Being a woman in the media how hard is it. You know you live but the expectation despite you know the answer it and think it is tough enough question. 03 years why you think answered better. With what they had to work with yet now they're questions are they as signs. Randomly they can laser it big by worries that finger quote. This time of one finger quote randomly because. Usually they pick questions from like a bucket. And they answer it this time they they call out randomly from the top five not in the order that she was called in like they normally do. And instead Austin to ask you question in the ass though it was an even like. It theme that and miss DC was set up to land that is why your eight Catholic. Experience. I think that. She's missed disagree with you David you know why you wouldn't if you won. And run Iraq. For miss USA so when he's sixteen days. Yeah. Then the very. Yeah. A lot. Seasons on the hello hi please join hands down here. It was cleared boxing. Miss USA. Sixteen news huh. This should I. And simply canceled the mother I only have so I sent a young man grown. All. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.