Producer David Judged a Nursing Home Pageant

Thursday, May 26th


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Thanks for be a part of it. Saw a loss. Our producer David shocked as solved. Month or two ago. When we had some some just they are friends of ours in studio kind of taken it to her of that facility and whatnot and he pulls one of assigning and you. Yeah beauty you miss. I like how do you know. And he revealed to her who then chairman guys that David's. But treats and beauty pageants and the way that some people treat sporting events. Some people are big fans of the New York Yankees like marina and can probably go back and recite statistics related the Yankees for as long as he's been a fan and even into the past. I'm David can be that her Miss America. So beauty pageants you not miss USA now I like I like this if I'm involved or with as mayor organization like miss USA but people need to know that they're different. Yes this there yet as yours. That's involved in this thing is June 5 and excitement viewed with some friends of course if I. I. Am. So. I'd David this summer he heard heard us talk about in the Reagan team got a phone call from a nursing home who is holding a beauty pageant. For their residents and asked him to come be a judge in yesterday afternoon. Other radio station and go to nursing home. For the post snap Fareed inner beauty. It was so much fine it was so cool because. So sweet. Seven contestants and cash ranging anywhere from 74200. Years young and now jet nursing him as more of overtime. In nursing. I think it's it's a flat out OK eighty roads in Marietta and they have outline. And grant park. And so oh. I was in the area when yesterday where they had that Padgett and it was so cool thing is locked in they are so excited. To have meat which made me feel special hearing judge right I was a giants and then at the and I helped announce the winners I actually. No. Questions. Of our retirement home beauty pageant so it started out they introduce the contestants and on dresses. And and they ask them questions about. There lies growing and one woman win it on any double date with Frank Sinatra yeah. Yeah L it's really cool. Another woman had traveled to Germany Cuba all these differently Larry I'm just I just won the tournament. From. Is not. I deny any kind of WD than their own right but in essence got okay. I was on a judging panel and it was so much fun and one of the ladies liken this is how you judgment and Mosley. Actually. As I am terrified to its nuclear accord. And the school. And we all serious you're like overzealous on judging them really low note that the one most terrible what an awful answer. Oh what do you think would be worse. Judging a Childs. Beauty pageant urgent and or persons beauty Pat's worst and what wage. Worse is Jamie how do you pick heavy pick on occasion to publicly declare okay. This is all in good fun and children's. Like I like Miss America and miss USA but I'm not currently in its patents that's a little. Too much over the top a little over the top a little. Is there are totally out of your seven contestants did you have any legal little honey blue room a little too much make up a little too many. Team team too much fake eyelash. Though they are all gorgeous as sweet as they can be. And the woman that we crowned yeah she had competed. In the path and see as a hundred years old it's. And she was so vibrant she was the line. That her name is Rita a core unit as she is the one that has been to Cuba and Germany and Wendy. Is in a wheelchair and they brought her and it sees just waving. And when they in the introductions. And it was so let's I could've been. More honored to. For them to ask needs to do that did you teach her how to properly put arm like baffling to me and then like do that there elbow elbow wrist wrist wrist pain. Chris and and don't forget about the future. Nightfall on that. Thanks for being a part of it. Yeah golf so I know people want to.