Producer David Gives the Scoop on Miss USA

Friday, June 3rd


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Do you or making the switch today Jesse. David is a bit of a pageant queen which you say why are pageant expert both. It was the weirdest thing Janet I had some friends up and studio. Visiting us Wednesday and David was just kind of in the corner work combined south and then he pulls one of Obama's side it was my friend lace and he said. I know who you. And she's all creep down and I want it he has. Humans have come in and had the year and you all of her network of pageant. People and we saw a side of David that we had no idea existed. I pageants of bond you got all the details he following all very closely. Right at the history of everything. Memorize. It's just it's your thing at the way some people are in Su sports like if there was like an obscure. Baseball player up here and Marino was in the studio he might pull him aside ego. Among the uses center fielder for the Yankees spank him bottom line at the same thing it's just pageantry of the thing exactly how long it pageant Pena thing. Well I remember like when I was seven years old. This woman the fellow teacher my mom's school cut out laminated for me an article about them in the senior state that's been going on and does little okay. And what's the passion about why I think it's a combination of the glitz and the glamour and I considered a sport these girls train you as being great shape you have to be on top of your energy skills and current events. The overarching theme of it is competition and it's fun to see he can be now as long as you're gonna bring out interview skills let's I'd take a second and celebrate miss teen South Carolina from a few years ago because this is always fun. I personally believe that. Yes Americans are unable to do you sound. Beach head that some. People out there and our nation and it so happened that in that I believe that at education like such as the South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such as and I really bad games today that. Our education I ever hear. And they yet said how the US senators to help South Africa and help background as a country. That we will be able to build up our future. Says that nearly two sharpened her energies and new it's really sad is that out of that top fives cheated in last place. I'll also get our somebody got fourth Garcia's third runner up another go to fort from can you imagine I would have mattered. This weekend is what it is miss USA in am miss USA a Miss America are different now they're different in the fact that Miss America is a nonprofit scholarship organization the miss universe organization miss USA will go to the universe. They are for profit and it's usually. Yeah a beat as mainly from models doesn't have talent competition and that's the one owned by Donald Trump used to be used to beyond by down for OK so he's not involved anymore though but it still does it still does not show must now so the pageant is what night it is Sunday night right David is prepared for us three things that you must have that your miss USA. Viewing parties absolutely at the viewing party you definitely need to heiress. Okay you have to have sexes to represent your state candy and then you need a scoring seats are you can be judged yourself the year where you have all of these things that your party totally see you'll be wearing a sash and it's here I'm on Sunday night the best year. I am on account just to see that. Yeah where do you get a scoring sheet I will post a link on the Jeffords and so. Website okay 94 when it went about com. And it gives you a guideline of how to score the girls. Which categories there in and then at the end how to calculated almighty god you know what I'm gonna do well. A minute download that scoring sheet and then I'm gonna go out to about it next weekend with a couple of viewed. And just sit outside a bar of that clip boards so you're gonna get shot we need you here at a faster. There's the three things you for the party absolutely what are the three things to watch for during miss USA well I always hear pharmacy Georgia is Georgia USA has never whine miss USA we've gotten I that you and I share note that was was there outside. Has it right. So I'm always cheering arm stored USA this year her name is in money Davis and C is. 22 and a communications student at Valdosta State okay Annika. But two other really interesting facts this is the first year they have. A missed 52 USA so the girls compete at the fifty states plus District of Columbia. This year they want it to you add the public into. The contestant pool and a sense. These girls applied to be missed 52. There was that judging. Panel that. It talks and and in America voted on who should compete. Watch for fifty to watch for miss fifties and what you know her name her name is Alex Miller Alec smell she's an age out Scott yes she's too old and an order out to pasture after this this. And all these girls can't compete against that they want exe titles. Of course they are done OK what else we would implore. Look at miss North Carolina C literally found out a week ago that she is competing at miss USA. YC was the first runner up at its North Carolina. The girl I was with North Carolina was so sick that she can't compete so. Literally the girl found out a week ago CST flying in to Las Vegas where I think the girls go to Vegas. For the pageant at least two weeks or months straight at you gonna use yeah Aggies getting used to the desert air you got and not eat any of the buffets have there. And so that's that's North Carolina DeVon can't is competing. With only weeks so curiosity she line have been saying so we're looking for our miss Georgia who is come on me in money Davis and then Alex Miller who's the 52 weird asterisk contestant yes and then the name of mr. North Carolina DeVon can't I can't wait to not watch and sending back. David for the update appreciate it we're gonna follow along with you on Twitter at. Actually I'll be live tweeting it just follow me at David humans land you in a in aunts and ovulate on. If you are thinking this is a Japanese yen shall always.