Priscilla's Stakeout

Wednesday, May 4th


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She now. James say hello to Chris so loud. Priscilla has been listening to us from 5 AM eastern 9 AM every day this week. So cool thank you first listen agenda much. I think he felt like entertaining me it's. Send that are helpful producer David says you have a very. Interesting reason for listening to us for these hours. I do. What doesn't kill. You on that you have. Oh. It encrypting my one I have really good friend is getting married but the exciting. But I have been for the last week's buying. On and look at beyond say I want the Atlantic and and I met that I didn't have a gut feeling. That something could be on time. With another girl that he's been sending her to get two of the key things here and there. But this kind of watching him how to make sure that everything is so pathetic. I'm a gallery is yeah are you seriously or UN a state outrage now. I am yes. Yeah and what. So does your friend's the one who's getting married to him does she know you're doing some. Absolutely not he. Now. See you just taken upon yourself to watch his behavior. And theory is that too so. Where you where you staking him out. I'm park. A little bit away from how the eye can see that front door that he couldn't see me. And actually ending at one of my good friend did the maid of honor. And the Philly than Peking at night and Asia. It uses hitting seeing this guy I saw him at all time. I'm well we wait until. Like I got from by the hand and Lilly are aware and he'll show up at 6 PM and until election bid might go out at that time. Heavy have you found anything yet as he. Doing anything weird. No not yet I haven't I haven't seen anything that led an appropriate so far. And how long are you gonna. Let this go on for. Well might it branded our how right now could you travel for work. Though under isn't speculated gonna keep doing that we get news Lockett got pounded the make sure. So what is it that makes you suspicious of him Kinney tell us that part. Yeah. The girl that my friend and I know. And I didn't seem an important and the work I did a little too where eighty and it came back and Bill Weir you know you get that gut feeling. I don't look at some reason their interaction makes me uncomfortable. So I I get a loop back and then I. Like on you on Monday packet it is there at that clip. I pending and that the audit found that at Bennett and Bennett like really late at night. And I didn't seem right to me that a little too late like don't gonna check and even. 1130 and I and when he needed Allen Berry you know I mean. Right it was so under what circumstances are you around his phone. That late at night. Just curious led his insight if you are all out he has an on the table or. Yeah. It actually I gone over there 1 morning. She who he's gotten things for my friend Dave for the wedding. And I well on the counter and he'd woken up. And he cannot do it actually looked at some account and it spread they had attacked you trying to land again and you know if you haven't check your messages. Her. They're out on the phone and her name and I like at what kind of blend but I couldn't open at that he would not let CNET. It's yet. I hate it when your nose each and yet how many times you've been in this situation where there's no where. To check the time except for the other person's. I'd hate to think our time is gonna get pregnant. In. I'm not concerned enough so this state gaveled continue for the rest of this week. Well I get it back you know and am I we're gonna call you tomorrow and see we're just gonna record. It. I'm just curious what your friends and thing like if he if he does something weird. Like are you gonna go back and report to her Medialink. I think to take that day by day I don't know quite yet he could have been right now. Our real quick to do you have disguised binoculars and a camera. Oh my gosh no I mean I'm not that high tech. Added that there might have a really nice hand then digital camera. That hadn't been demonic though in case something happened I couldn't get it there but that that's really it. We're gonna call you tomorrow at this time and get a report okay from the field with your report from the field at this time tomorrow. Okay all right. She now.