Priscilla Update - This May Be Illegal

Thursday, May 5th


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Love the choices in the morning and we appreciate that. Shall start now before once. Yesterday we got a call from Priscilla. Because she's staking out her best friend's fiancee house. Because she thinks. He might be turnaround Dahmer and she called us because she listened to the show while she did understudy gap we promised that we would check in with her every single day just to see if there's an update. On beyoncé watch 26 team he have you seen anything of note Priscilla that. OK I have not seen anything yet he came home. You know I left or whether it is all you know my friend and I see. Little meetings at each other and we have not seen anything. Again and zeroed in the morning shift and then another one of the friends the maid of honor and the wedding is doing evening shift. That post work shift at a time while it's only Thursday. And you're continuing this state out through Wendy's your friend get home from her trip. How are. Okay so you're continuing this for the rest of the week and then through the weekend so we'll check in review again. It this time tomorrow. I thank you for letting us be a part of the state Purcell. I Priscilla seems like an appropriate spine just yet. Hey Laura welcomed this year. Aren't calling us from Carter's well you talk about Acela. I am. I'm actually a private investigator. And IQ that payments every day through my company and I'm looking REF. Thank or not. Certified RY sent investigators working through an agency. They can be committing a felony. Are you saying. I gallery. I don't think that's actually good point and NI I don't think there an audience through an agency broad based on her first phone call to as. I do think she is certified because this guy has done nothing. Anderson I think I ball or I won't hurt viable so it's a felony for stalking. Yes the totally makes executions didn't get the guys I was watching him. Yeah and it especially this government and comedy. It it's very area and if you're not like and I bet there working. Great to say why then eight the equipment as well okay are active eight. It's considered stalking. He's got an active case she saw a text and then look at it and I don't know we heard crying 'cause. They are so I know. Because your professional you probably can't tell us too many details but can you give us just like of one line and the craziest stakeout either. Hope. I actually I handle a lot of fraud investigation. Leinart had that idea as it would be. Is this like a lot of o's are. Is this the people who tell their insurance company like I can't work because I heard my elbow and then you find out clean and out their own gutters. Yeah it's funny is funny well chemical. I think connected taking part reminded me that people are out of O'Hare. That your Europe that they may be an expert Taylor they're driving patterns or desecrate that. He may stop in the middle of a freeway. They don't want eighty and that's and I read it it's just fun fighting. Or you could just not try to achieve your insurance company out of money in the hands of that okay thanks for console her. It's starting may be forewarned.