Priscilla Spies on Him for Cinco de Mayo

Friday, May 6th


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All Sears local shop. What a concept I zero point 741 now. Pension show. Don't 8201. Yesterday and Wednesday we checked in with Priscilla she's on us. Speak out. He's flying on one of her friends. Fiance. Because he is thinking that this guy might be messing around on her friend who haven't yet kind of business there. There's nothing of note on Wednesday there was nothing of note on Thursday certain feel bad for the guy today. Today is Friday is there anything of note to report. Well. My friend is has been. I really really angry because. He came home around 1:30 in the morning. And keep that he parent that can be up early and that the Pope saying it like I can't believe it don't want in the morning. And I asked Eric if there's somebody when Japan. Or what he would be caring something I had. Maybe he went to pick up something we're friends but he came home alone no back nothing on worksheet wasn't working lay or anything like that. Now no one will attend but what are you doing out there in the morning. Single aria okay. I you know it's Cinco De Mayo he could've been out celebrating with friends and it could've gone late everybody was out last night. In theory happy I would I popped in my grant and and he didn't mention anything about him going out there that I'm trying to be a little weird. This are you guys stuck in a line and they spoke. I can't see posted any thing lower. Daily and he can't act. Now one thing the look like rap video or didn't need telkom Florida no evidence you didn't either but doesn't he thought out diet. But nothing of that this year and and that way you can with a girl and I. He just was out late. Right at that doesn't even count that's not even bet that the well you're creating drama left. Aren't the reason they are. Oh my goodness you without a one Berry like I understand things happen then. You can't. Well he just out later this went over the reason they started this thick on the first place. It's because there isn't text messages with somebody they didn't think that he should be text message well then you should he stay at her place right. Lake I don't think you can you can be suspicious at all because it dude stays out late. Especially on a Thursday night especially. When it could be a big drinking holiday night. I mean I think I think airplane and I don't believe it you know right. Can I mean Alan my friend the happy the united Nina I'm not NN dot bidding net debt. Because. I feel bad you know I wanna make their animation ever you've married you know I mean you know a lot me. And if you've been hurt like I don't want that happening now. You know I mean. Yeah aren't. I can't wait to see that happen this weekend I would talk to you on Monday okay. You know it's okay they're then hit Manila. They're gonna crucify this guy no matter what you guys I'd be out late one night and their life. And create something to make this decal or their wild ride and there's nothing to create except for him staying out late. I haven't eaten now on a night when has that don't know for a fact the unicorn on real simple but I'm pretty sure they're not. All right we'll check in with her on Monday morning. Do you or making the switch today Jesse Jenny shall always thought.