Priscilla Saw the BF Out Late!

Monday, May 9th


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Jen shall we go to the. We've been following along this stakeout with the Priscilla. Four days last week we talked to Chris Phillips who was staking out her best friend. Fiancee house because her best friend was traveling. And she thinks the fiance could be up to no good so she's taken the morning shift. Listening to the jet engine challenged our nanny for a one while she was staking it out and so far really not a whole lot they finally catch him doing anything strange. They found that nothing except he stayed up late I ended Thursday night which happened in recent at a mile. He stayed here until 130. That's been a big deal how they've Priscilla how old is everybody holder on the players in this story. It wrong. OK so he's at thirty year old dude. It's saying good Amaya though his girlfriends at a town as the Nazis out of town he went out with a buddies remember the reason that they were staking him out in the first place that while he was texting a girl that was inappropriate. Hey and I Purcell do you have any hard hitting evidence of presents. I'm at this morning. Two to wrap up your stake out of the guy who's done nothing wrong. OK I have other than a year when India on the matter yet. And and I do understand. But when you haven't got in saying. I promise you look at the time at the right and that worries and I kid you not the next night he came home at UK and again. Now do you know where he was out. I don't know why it was not in good in my house and I thought they look both. That would I think it was that while it was an act like 1230. An attempt inconspicuous thing life. I'm poem about the great guy than and had some and not guilt and there. And whom I think that he has the content of the could be killed so incredibly guilty that he can't deal he got help on a picnic and they'll build better. At some third weird kind of back and but that we could Antonin. Something you don't on and it's not right. Priscilla do still do that the amount of thought they would knowing that I let's first of all you have to feel guilty about Sunday which. We don't even know that he's got anything around that number one right number two. Guys don't do that what's it called like that. Repose your feelings and basement you know and I'm. C was posing some zones are quote I don't know that I never met a guy who since who knows what you read and. Like I sell other then him coming in late two nights in a row which he can move on and vote I. Aaron. Hasn't said anything me about. You know we hear he don't play or not protecting her and one thing well what are you going to bed at that mile and outline. We are feeling. For no reason. You bet it she's not telling me yeah he have staying out late knock on me. Macaroni and even protecting her good night I love you and I honestly. All I feel I caught it. Well you're connect a lot of dots here I don't know about the maid of honor it was you know the maid of honor that Orson teaming up. To track him throughout Regan did she thinks something's got to yet she. So you don't do you have a decision to make you bring it up to your friend to bring it to Brad. Didn't really weighing heavy on my heart I can't I honestly don't do anything to hurt her. But deep down I really haven't ever chapped and that guy the kid. It feels like he always need to be that hero and third situation and then I would hate these women under his wing because they got something wrong with them. And comedic if you want the attention. And I've been telling letting go home but they've really. The theme that behavior. I feel like it in my. Way and I think we're bump ability at least examined Hermann not got her and they I'm accusing him of cheating on that may need to look either and that. Are you gonna seller even given the stakeout. That's what I'm worried about because I feel like that's really gonna hurt her a lot. That you guys took it upon yourselves to prove that he was not trustworthy. It. And she might she might choose his science and she sure he has not done anything. You like and know then you know what I mean like I. Have been around for awhile and I did he not painting about the behavior to it you love him so much that I think woman pulled over her I really do and I wanna let out. That bear thing and make it look. Like and I yet you don't wanna come across as crazy. You might have friends you're. Allow all right well. Where you sure you can just keep your mouth shut and she can marry this guy even though your gut tells you he's in and around. I. Mistake out over race that she was coming back went today today OK so. All right there's so the state gets over. Well and you busted them stayed up late fifty. DM ice cream after dinner tune in now on Allen. Current and he and get it again like he is. I'd think you'd ever Janice terrorism police shooting team out of freezer David without any updates on court I'll. Say TA Ella like that conversation. That's women nuts she's not. Haven't been protected ever friend and doesn't want him or doesn't want her friend to marries a teacher. Doesn't want her friend Mary Samie that she hasn't liked so she's got immediate danger and I think. They William welcome. You know. I thought good how are you. Chi get warned. Well. I now. White. And win at William Williams announced its women don't try to understand they don't know I'm fortunate should or understand that but. That is a little. Is the word you're looking for. And insane. Hey. Hi good morning. I think we can and should be entitled where enemy. Because this girl is being at Brandon needs to her close friends almost sounds like they're jealous. Are there relationship that's how I met literally from all credit to her frame it's gonna come up with don't see. And might come off somewhere honey pot that edge and how obvious that for years that women are women zone worsened in towns and Hulu an F percent. They stayed there. And Jenn Jong we go so.