Pregnancy Shaming

Thursday, June 14th

No it's not us shaming, it's everyone else who won't stop butting in! 

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Ready to talk. People think to many you get pregnant you want their opinion on your baby written comments from strangers during pregnancy is such a real thing just about so you story. About a friend of his whose pregnancy shamed in the worst way ever make a jaw dropped here. I had no idea Jane that win main reception generics that other women. No idea. For C is a weird thing all of a sudden it just is like at a post a sign on your forehead that says please give me unsolicited advice I really want it. So we really don't. If this is ever happened you give us a call for a 1463 and I'm for one we want to hear your stories after just tells us about the loan covenants for the exact. Out that I got when wind we were talking about this was. Mention this on the radio your phone lines will light up with other women who have been on the receiving end of unsolicited. Rude. Pregnancy advice. Because. And my friend was just casually telling the story of how cold. Are rumors. Pointed out that while she was pregnant she should only be wearing flats. Because your follow risk in heels is higher in she could fall and hurt the baby. And then continued. And if you're at the baby you might go to jail why. It's. How princess she's just sitting there where lashing when the solid it was. -- it was a co workers I imagine there in an office or whatever. The coworker did not know her well it wasn't like her best friend her husband or assist her mom or anyone qualified to talk about. For wearing Chia is just say you know you can have the baby if you fall so what he yells like issuing. Was it like kitten heels are we talking and might still leno's I don't know the difference Jan so I didn't think I really really high ideals and. Probably in Aspen drills. Actually it doesn't really matter because she's just went shoes away and it she feels comfortable walking in that wise that is it that strangers business at all to give her any advice. The I'm saying that while the whole conversation around the table continued. Or somebody else said that a woman that she was grocery shopping she went to that cow owner to order to get up and impounded Turkey or whatever. While pregnant. And the woman saying I sort of said I hope that snapped are you you know you're not supposed to eat and less he might claim that alt one minutes sixteen seconds. Yeah yeah. I. Am what gives a woman's right to say to a complete stranger here that's supposed to have deli meat they think they're being helpful. We know why they're doing and they have no idea that there beings are rare but you don't do that okay everybody knows that smoking's not good for your house right. Correct so you don't want pass smoker and it humans don't want best other humans are smoke and saying everything is out experiments of your life or whatever that statistic as you just don't do it so why is it okay with pregnant people and it's a good question I know that people get ashamed all the time I had a couple of instances happened to me during my pregnancies. Meghann in Athens what's it here they come here on the phone calls world war. He's 630941. In their banana paste but do right now my gosh face such as the lead up for a 463 and I'm far away and is Boehner Meghann. I mean and the doctor thought that the awaiting. One albeit. Now on. How big now. So glad that I had eight and LT and bit into it heal my baby at any problem that. In the waiting room doctor's office. In LA I liked what you do it here at. Hollow golf. My exact. I'm ready to Jordan. I guru. Aimed at some strangers say eighty you wish you were tight and 40426309. A 41 just as a friend who was wearing heels to mark. When co worker came up with some unsolicited advice and. I think co worker has to be prefaced rated stranger. Co worker but this woman didn't know. I'm pregnant friend just walked up to her was like you know it's marred yen if Marmol fall hazard you have more of a chance of tipping over. We need to hear its heels on so if you wanna Wear flats because you care to baby you counts. A fall hazard was gonna make her go to jail com. Samantha say in it. And a sock. Yeah I'm good cook and multiple standard that I need to wait on it found out I was having twins. You need to eat more you need to get why you're not eating the great caddie opponent. Thank you thank you very much I know I was in L aware that I should eat from my babies and growing I'd tell you I I yeah. Our Samantha any of this having you right Jan. Oh yeah. Is so many times and how about this on you the girl first I bet you really want a boy this next time let me tell you how I made sure that I had a voice. That I don't care you're stranger and the way that you made a baby with your husband and privacy and your home is the thank you very much trash about. I hadn't done this whole event similar way you've got way. I'm now what am I now am I to disagree I have for a boy. Baby number patent quality of the black I didn't want to know what the eighty. And pregnant are you know Gordon I don't have to execute and when you wanna have a alike are really wanna grab my matchup I noted that the eightieth. Bet Al Linda thank you have a boy the Biden. And I can't ever having had a white and undertow that. Also we're not at a cost of the boy number I went down. So I Sarah's so many gender related lines airing Kennesaw. Oh my gosh I have a game is out of that Bible study group and the Bible leader and I. And let me make a gender of the baby could be an act that we were out of Ole. And acre across the brand that I don't well currently she's not a girl because it's what you wanna play she'd come out away would be yet. Yeah. All. Okay Diane and Duluth you can defend people giving pregnant women advice. It I know Barry so why is some people don't know. Now for it and giving the example low. Lunch little or something of that sort well sometimes people don't nobody can be comparable to the baby is OK if I'm allowed to give them earlier by. Until your your rude or trying to hurt somebody spilling each but sometimes it's OK that hey you know if you didn't know this is the pump the next hit a picture they eat. Because you're responsible for another light. Go something completely different than what impact an adult who. Smoking they're making that decision but when you're responsible for bringing that they looked at the world country but I'll note while trying to give a market right intonation. So Diana would you welcome to somebody like I had happened to me and say are you gonna nurse. Let me tell you why you have to rest. So what I would say is yeah. Lead thereby keeping it am I am you know I felt like whatever your comfortable adore. Go for rich how ever its net harmful to your Beatty Annette and hurt your child. Another bite why they had age you know that there will be something that you don't know let me help you object or. We knew it was really Danny from from that from their when they're old enough. To beat him to be mobile's what's the number one warning the U give kids stranger danger. We're talking about things that are bad for kids and dangerous for kids let's start there with strangers being quiet. For making us less. Yeah. On star now before want to.