Pregnancy Handicap Parking

Thursday, March 10th


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And the sort of person who can snooze. In Marines FaceBook until their alarm goes off. Shots. Make this alleged in the gestation shell morning's OnStar and not before one I need here in Jan. Fuel is being blamed it 404 and edit your listeners please 44741. 9400. Here's. What happens to me. I was leaving us to war and I ran through an acquaintance. And use airy pregnant. I Stiller I don't that matter at that just even walking walking out of that. Mr. hall and he. I know am. Fairly well acquaintance right now don't know ever really mattered this literally. But she is. Very. Expecting first and you know there are often. So. There are standing. As I'm walking we stop talking rate behind. Their car and we have a quick little five. Members of Sheehy. At some point reference it is giving the baby. She's. Pregnant and she wants the baby out of last month last trimester. And then I mean did you where ice. Yeah to. Are going to myths. Sleeping rubio obviously backing him let me whatever joke about. Be uncomfortable and she said the only thing I'm gonna be man is being able to park here. I realize that there are is part Indy camps. Yes now what you need to know about me it's weird thing about people who abuse. I would never use them. Never I never. Broken leg surge career at any reason to ever. Park closer. But when I feed people. Using gay handicapped. Out the properly inflate the proper thing. But really I actually oddly. But I'd confronted people and I actually David I'd go to confrontation line. People doing it one thing I'd say hey. And go to she go your tag out. But I've seen them no parking lot before so be careful. Sort of alert that without accusing them being nation should you you don't have to musical. Recently is that we are. Operation. It's not as visible so I have a goat to. Confrontation line that's how much it bugs me. How many times you've can be at least half a dozen. Yes it's my thing I don't know why. Itself don't use that hearkens back but I think that's great I feel the same way about the people button over the automatic door. You don't use it lets you need it right there where not figures for the people I got it okay. And it is so everybody very pregnant woman said she had been using the handicapped space during her pregnancy right. And so I followed up ways. Well are you okay. Which because I assumed that that meant the fact that she was using handicap thing right. I assumed that meant that she was she had more of an issue. And she's a high risk pregnancy or something they wouldn't want her walking to mind right to fire or something and you have. Well I'm fine I just got this monster inside of me and in you can park in handicapped by. And she said yes that's legal. Like she hasn't gotten special permission. She doesn't just was. Assuming it. Because she was pregnant she could park is that true now it's not true knows it is I didn't think I was sure I thought the only time he got special parking was that like babies. When you go. To get your stuff that babies. Or am I totally wrong is it legal again and I skewed I have no idea. Hey William welcomed news that evidence and marina you pick up William and Noonan. Computers they William. Right. Now I understand that while when their it. They can't stop well well people who really need it that's why. And it tried me not equal it. So argues it is she allowed hiding under their research and she's not. On what she's so wonderful friends. Because if that if the doctor. Told her that she needed to be there right man. That you would gotten and issued permit right it would it would Anaheim and I would spot. Right when that's just that assumption she pay a night so I didn't hear anything else threats that. I was just like your blood starts blowing the way I was yes OK and so. And that I want to wait I drove him which and which aids. Well it's more sensitive situation especially pregnant and don't and your friend by saying something about it by. She was making a pretty big assumption that she depart I think that's. It's gotten every conflict. It's illegal hey Chris welcome to the jet engine and share of. So I just want to say I agree would you believe that my parents they're disabled right the fact that. If they don't have that spot available they can't do what their altitude so I appreciate that they you know that the thing. So you been reading her ankles might be and that she can still walk you know she might she have some extra innings in the faster. She can't she's able bodied to be able to do it does not mean to be taken up that I'm glad especially that you interest. I'm glad Jan especially you know grieve me as somebody's been pregnant yeah I mean I I. I feel like a truck and you you know more tired and able. I felt great partner was one of those different people both times and the last few weeks like. For the BO OK if it's heavy pressure that. Not any reason that you can't walk a little bit further from a regular parking space and apartments and it sure I get a so your anger. Totally warranted a 1000% justified I don't know I appreciate you very much came back and I'm totally out. With pretty nervous Hague court backlog and the Japanese and Jeff. Hey. You're if you are. Flat. Right I'm not what it is not my right there are praying that they cannot part. In my act illegal but yeah it absolutely. Uncomfortable. Our want to carry a point not acceptable. And what they are there any out. I think you know it might not illegal I sat right at heart in the spot. Yeah I I'm very careful what I tell pregnant women's side on that Smart so I'm gonna pick that fight yeah. Black ice ice just three PO I think it lets you have been given the permit. Departs there each and should you get when three doctors in human right. I don't know if you didn't request but that's your yes so that's who gives it teams in the doctor would determine. But you need and it and your pregnancy and the doctor feels like every day you're on at least one that we can babies born.