Pregnancy Cravings: Part 2

Wednesday, February 22nd

Women crave the STRANGEST things when they're pregnant


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Our O'Sullivan worked today until he can keep him. Now back to. Once stunning 41 I ever gonna keep taking these have pregnancy craving. Phone calls and then gonna read some of the highlights office space for a okay this yell at this discussing women. Wow life and fishing and as it's really saying my strange pregnancy craving was malt powder. By the spoonful. I Nicole Smith and face drug deal pickles and watermelon together. The Eagles in watermelon actually that does sound. Kind of sweet and salty can tell. Melissa Lasseter made a meal she had an entire meal that she craved. Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Crab legs on pancakes. Is really could have lightly. What do you do and brooding pancakes in general. And a lot of people are dealing we've just quantity. Scrambled eggs with valve V day and black pepper pitched into the embrace sound that bad reps eggs cheese. Every single day nine months. Really like some weird thing once you get stuck on something you have to have it over and over again. Just we need somebody who went chick fillet every day of her pregnancy. Really yes Christie Robinson and boiled peanuts aids so many of them made myself sick can't stand them now. So we get them living completely goes away when the baby comes out I Jesse in Alpharetta. I ate crickets. And I had an. Ordinary day at our people make it. Now though it's like the soft serve cone. Of ice cream and then those super salty chick filet sandwich vice bagels. Yet and you are and thanks to get ever heard it got out the court. Now that it's awesome I love that she did it should ever pregnancy craving menu. Oh my god and a great idea brilliant. What do you charge him for some my talents two bucks. I didn't actually later got like I didn't think ultimately get that what I meant that. And tab is today and winds are welcomed this year down. And yeah ice cream. I mainstream way. It. Our guys that are extremely quiet. This has pickle juice was she told me as ice cream with full pieces of fruit. And pickle juice and extend to YES so I was like cantaloupe and she has any kind of fruit and pickle juice and her ice cream. That is so bring him and I have even come up with and yet there is a question for all of your hot and sweaty pregnant huge and standing in front of the open fridge you're like it is humid. This investment. I answered knocked out really it is it's like chopped it's like that TV show shots. A leading the basket yeah and over an area a guy here's I've got to that they scream and got fruit and Gambill beat them. How are you so. I'm an ominous road on the go and make it happen he said Norcross welcome ms. Evans and so. What was your crazy grade and I. I don't eat the called up about it at twelfth at the golf capital are cash. It ain't it app I read it right after the hour. I hope you are close together with. Apart how did she make any attempts to air when you're in the top prize drives through did you make any attempt a high AD. The fact that there is a Taco Bell bag on your passengers say they did you try to put it somewhere Regis owning it. Null word that it will go like pretty kind to week. No I want it. I hope you aren't they right there at the bouncing back. Hey Maggie in mind or have a weird one. I did instead of the food craving I had personnel creating and I aimed at Mellon Robert. Like runners at east lake that magnetic beer can Maurice. Yet we'd ordered dimensional and it worked and I kept them my desk to my third. Hit them in the little political and social. Parker. It was to come around the corner and she's all like. No way after the may be came out yes and I still like the Ellen okay but at all not on this. Dyer. Found. Maggie aren't counting C got messy. Time and killed him hey. Let's year weird cravings. You how much we are actually terriers all I had great power at first I want arch crashed or let him. Straight out and it. Just wrong opinions pickled I'll. Hot load as intense. As it I don't wanna I can't get back on. It fit in it I'll ask Al solid years old create better for at it better press at. Alcoa. We went at it it was a pretty well well well well. Coca-Cola. Buttered bread and Coca-Cola. I had better pray it doesn't look or read it yet are red bank and eat better and I hate it. I what are you look at tell what kind of soda again. How can she sit like southern girl now Coca-Cola. Are already got. I would agree she's talking about. I could add thank you Tanya. Oh. I some of the ones from faced by guy Aaron Rodgers margaritas that he in my favorite drink but it's all I wanted we heard. Heather. Vanilla ice cream cone with the nacho cheese struggled results. That is so it's still well. This game Elizabeth her spinach yogurt lemon and a smooth these students you know them and use it best you got an idea that. Taylor game games no closure craving. Yeah. Actually create quite know really really at the. And did you actually eat it now you and I never acted upon it that everytime I thought I just wanted the biggest bite out of. It that'll stop the up. What you need to do then easy to make transit the person getting the ten tacos and hot sauce and Taco Bell. Yeah on an hour after the played leaders and a kind of a claims. They X. And she I'll still are far.