Pregnancy Cravings: Part 1

Wednesday, February 22nd

Women crave the STRANGEST things when they're pregnant


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Sorry not before one okay Terna Nande. And Jesse James show all of now. We're talking about pregnancy cravings because having news story that gen product the other day. Nobody wants to leave Jen area family via the and so we talked about this news story the other day. That Blackley gracious now on the new OE Lee's list rate for pregnant women yeah they say they can infects a baby's I Q. The red lakers is find a black licorice is known now. The black and red OK and so let other things and a less if I'd deli meat right soft cheeses he had a few zapped then no unpasteurized cheese is out. Hall. You know basically everything fine. There's different definitely different fish that you must first have a lawyer pregnant I wealth. That lettuce in your conversation about. Pregnancy cravings. And weird stuff that you crave when you're pregnant I cravings of stuff that I needed day it was like it she had to scratch. But nothing too super crazy I had to have lemonade constantly when I was pregnant with race. Don't know why. He's had to have it every single day did you have to do that thing would would you dispatcher grant out was it that bad where. At 10 o'clock at night you be like for whatever reason that soured ness of. Lemon juice needed to have I carry chi says this is the best food cravings song we can play at thank. I Kristin welcome to the DeVon James chef. Hey retired a pregnancy cravings Jimmy weird ones. Yeah so split in my house pregnant I governor took my birth. I could not about making good genes same agenda when it you know generating growth and I didn't talk about. Lear how. And that is a good as I. Really don't know it's like those. Who even though that I like this we need aren't they worrying and that is actually pretty don't. All together at once well that's a little hello I. The chocolate milk eggs and over the top guys being out Dwayne de que lo welcome to the sham. EMI and kind of weird though my husband he actually drinks doctor pepper like a class style but I can't. Everything. And so. I'd like Ali ever wanna Alice peg which I never cared for the sport but I have always. CNET damn hot sauce on everything you ate and then washed down with a doctor pepper. Yeah and that's all she ever ate my daughter's so I don't know I I wonder about all the but let me crazy actually went. Sherri IC currently. Yeah. Is there are phone number by the way is 4042630941. For a 146309. 41 Jim geno is there science behind this. Lady isn't. How things that you're craving because a lot of times I would crave red meat and then I would test and act have lower iron levels and have to replace an iron deficiency. Because what I'm told with carrying our girls was that. The baby gifts was the baby needs is she's yours and efficient and it peso fears is so good baby gets all the iron. That means you heard iron deficient and right so I'm so I think it comes from different things I know there are women that crave dirt. And mud and I think that comes from a mineral deficiency. Here's some of the ones that came in time he spoke I'm being told these forests from Redding for orange juice. I'm a raisin bran cereal. Who. Re. Hot sheet those and chocolate cupcakes. Alternating bites. The favorite couple she doesn't arouse you to eat them take a bite. That it ain't back and next a tough tough. To sound latest delegate I your ready for this this is from pathway side. She went and when she was pregnant. Where we lives there is a Taco Bell burger king and a Kroger are all nearby now I would send my husband attacker about to give me some pins as in cheese. Then we get a whopper from burger king and then it can have cheese whiz from Kroger. You bring it home to mean I would chop up the whopper and mix everything together. There and he did twice a week a tough. Stacy in Norcross welcome to the gym. A gag with Syria grieve him. 00 with my daughter MacKenzie. I absolutely. Cat well cats. Oh and it had to be all right Christy French guys if they are all right at critical quite crispy treat tries to form. And yeah would Tillman mandate. And I had to leave those brands of those things at midnight hour. And all I. Six as I thank you Susie. That by the way just so easy. We're listening earlier general Stanley came in a surprise her and out now they're leaving that snatch and crying about. The pregnancy craving that was actually Reese is leaving to get ready for the party tonight Kelsey in Douglas though welcome to the show what was your pregnancy craving. I don't actually act now ranked with CJ. Gay and mood today in peanut. Yes I had the option issuing an arrest that an actress and peanut better better integrate the. I assume that she enjoyed a steak house that she goes there and how to act and she's met Heidi when attending united medium with peanut butter. Yeah thanks Chelsea you know out in 5404. Earn 263094. Wine. There's some. It's here and face but that will read. Like fried fish I made jelly sandwich will keep sharing those in Europe calls and that. Thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion Shenzhen on star not before one and it.