Pop's Pipes

Tuesday, September 4th

He has no idea what the music should like, but he sure can try!

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This is that just engine shop everything. You say that feels like a Mondays so let's play that game and give it time for that we get it out pops a tiny and we're employing at JP's dad John Allen for this game. He doesn't know anything about pop music does he. Now we just payment beard he agrees the d.s and I guess not clear ice and he's nice to just sit in the wake you would interpret the music if you can figure out the songs. Then you can't win a still practice round but he says bring it. Ahead. I'd it and you just shouted out and and will will do a couple rounds which everybody not play. And then we'll give you round though give your chance to grab a hundred hours it read advertise Korea for getting the answers right here in just the second. It's on number one. Brian I'm in a state of mind and I'm the one billion lights all the Thailand. And general tears shall. Throw. These songs picked it up. Yeah that's the name that's on its Arianna on day. Note here and glad to crop. Fuzzy apart again and Allen Brian. I'm gonna stay in a blue and I want to be in lights all the time and it took in general tears learn. Took her insulin pump it up good enough fat and low and Lou and I'm Len Blum and unfortunately I. In and out again. As it song title as Reagan there's I got down hey hey I energetic catch up to me guys here yet. I had an average air and let's have a drink with you you'll feel better. Most through boom in real feel better. Keep telling me that gets better those who'd ever. Blow me it's like the. Match. In my blood Shimon as. Okay. Meaning he's okay. I JD a chance for redemption mayor last round and try. I have for a tour now to 630941. The next round is all you friendly. And we had a hundred hours a red advertise Korea up for grabs for a 42630941. If you get an enterprise this song baby. Leon back to relax. The and pick up your pretty fetal. But I do wish. You need to go. Nowhere fast I think. Where we're at a U Eagles go everywhere usually sure you know. I think I know and I think I got it yesterday you know and you know that answer for a bush see 63090. Boy I want you to win it. Ice on the Jeff intention of coming up next did. No immunity answered ads onto you you're gonna do us extra selling general wonder if you're Smart. It's that Jackson can shop. I we're about to play a round of talks pipes and we got a hundred dollar gift card up for grabs at red peppers hot Korea if you figure out which pop song in JP's dad is trying to sink. This is the one on the table right now. Baby Leon back and relax. And it helped your pretty feel. In addition. I don't need to go nowhere fast. Let's enjoy right where we're at those were the road supposed to Lee had classic John Allen. We get general Eric and he tries to sing letting the pop song should like a cliche and sandy stranger ran hold permanent so you can go first. Any idea what that song is. Similar note where. I. James seems pretty confident Jane do you want a regular on Jan DeBoer. They got and I think it got to learn today national it's that BB racks them. And Florida Georgia line. Maybe yeah yeah yeah. This any time and. It made it is really serious radio based on this mine too much as well. I'm gonna generate. Oh wasn't on top quality pop radio country music radio everywhere. I asked. Sounds just like this baby Leon back and relaxed. Out there and pick up your pretty fetal. My definition of an idea that it's not right I'm. You pervert as well. June in Atlanta hey. A hundred dollars a red advertise Korea is delicious locations all over the place when Adam is waiting to serve you a Margarita and a taco. If you can identify this arm. Everybody praying for the end of time and everybody hoping that could be the Lauren. I was born to run I was born for this quick quick. Run we like resources and former electorate or break me down and build me up when you're viewed the slipped the word upon your look with. Shorter than you rip rip. Having nightmares about that. Yeah it's only neighbors about that June any idea what's on them IP. I yeah. You are followed. I would tell you that Condit don't call on me because I am it would mean. I wanna be here man wherever I am Iron Man yeah. As I got this I can't deny they have Jay is down my head. Yeah and yes it is okay. It says okay singular card Kelly proud. You did that found their match and dragons. No. It right artists. Wrong song in Jinan song. It's. I'm trying to think in the name of that is the title assign. People are screaming in their cars are you located yeah bit like a thousand times today and I. She's kind of money in them kind of raging this time are trying to quit it's an about what you want. Larry what NSA I did. OK you don't need to be the bone mass bonus bonus ball. That I have primaries yeah. Hi guys show may and Mary had he gave this. He needs you ready can you do fishermen are you ready. There tag your enthusiasm is so underwhelming I don't think you've got I don't know confidence in you were out we're gonna roof free anyways today. Are. Pretty. A bigger. On the mat rat. It wise program we've got down when surrounded a new one gritty it's a new round. All I can preside as you can right now let's not let it fall short that she's at magic dragon. Well. Everyone knows all about my direction and in my heart somewhere I wanna go there. Still I don't go there everybody says it's some things that something social thing and see something say something. Didn't seduce. Them. I don't wanna get caught up in the rhythm of it but I can't help myself no I can't tell myself no no. Photoshop may lag a mile is that a sign is that fairly easy. Low gun its shape and banging or they. I true. Oh my knowledge she's just guessing based on a regular. And no matter. Though I have the free skiers and I think. Adriatic College Park since I'm free and everyone knows all of my direction and in my heart somewhere I wanna go there. Still I don't go there everybody says it's some things that so I think that's there's something. Let's not act as a special and I Asia and I say something negative the right answer. Dinara I can't say it in the late in an Arctic cat it they get attacked they put it just. In Adobe's. Thank you thank you it's bad bad bad today it and then yeah mom hi I'm Justin Timberlake and Johnny Allen of Chicago. Yeah every day. OK okay. How do you know every song how does that how. It's impressive. Budget eyes are red Trevor Zachary a free agent and a we have plenty of these AJ people local guy and we'll send more beer to John Allen to get in regards Marc tell your dad thank you so much odds I was mixing desk. Who do. Sir thank goodness it's just saw on star not before one.