Pop the Question

Wednesday, June 28th

The fun game where we answer all sorts of squirmy and uncomfortable questions. The kinds you'd NEVER want to answer in front of your coworkers. 


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Storing many horrible. The question is what we're about to do but nobody's getting gates they can't really uncomfortable questions. Inside balloons were gonna compliment you have to in terms move on the spot. Pop and a spot hot and I. And I Gina go over well. Let's talk it. Up. Tell works okay. Very violence Jelena has some raids that we had now. Let me. She is training to be ninja I'm sure there's a major part of ever silent. My question is. Have you ever dined in dash. Diet where I am no I would be. Meeting on. Done about it and it started sweating and then I wanted to go cracked. So now we've also been a waitress before so who you know the pain I know and I recently gave someone fifty dollars back. Worst. Of off I carry she's cardiac carry I hate us out of England. This could Iran to have this area. My question. Oh god what do you do with your voters ask you take this. One. Why not on our tables. How about this answer I don't pick my nose because I'm an adult. Now everybody Celtics and as yet even here in your car and you're alone you do any new light on the sunny your chair so. Are you worried voters and the cited your card since you know monster. No you don't are you lying. Now. That this is my I don't even this question you have. And behind every. There's a judgment free zone. Did cloth seats are leather seats leather down and do a hawk. In traffic next to somebody uses yeah yeah yeah. Well then you're like. He can still see year OK okay can you tell. Have since it. The minute you do some unlike his those limits that's right I mean students out of anything you do gallons more. I'm sponsor. Summit is listening right now I just stopped taking them. Professional. Love all they would act like you're scratching the side and I know has been ordered out yeah. I would. Then I would like to get a blind person to. Reid decided your seat. This she waved it together and morale. Also I judge you go early so we can as you know have us everything steady thing. Capitalism venture into. But it's. If you ever stop hook your crash at the place they work just so you can see them more achieved. Ticket out. Maybe we get the round I don't things and never really Herrick Russian and long time. I know you are going to a certain bark right now. Any single days is that because the bartender. What part. Prodding his questions have known you for all I. So he's going to jog your memory Illinois bar there. There wasn't anybody you ever went to their workplace Jesse can hang out I'm a little bit more does that sheet account this. Impacted I mean. The food you have there now I want you answer this firmer the red had an hour. Guy that was sucking in the news workplace and in. Common a common cover shot that he no longer because seeing how he you have not seen there's a. I look let's come back here and a few minutes ago ten minutes and then jammed and JP can answer and there are a couple questions. The question can get yeah just after Bruno Mars on the jet engines show. The question this morning and that means we put a whole bunch of really uncomfortable questions to answer inside balloons released photos in the balloon that random. So nobody can. Guess the question intentionally. So it's fair to protect the balloon and it's the question inside on the spots. Luke. JPA you are obvious Centrino popped the question okay. Once you do. A. Have you ever drop food in the trash and then picked it back up but he knew it was time a couple of I used to be a lifeguard and when you are a lifeguard for his many years I've been. You only get a very short amount time to eat and is fierce and was minus on the ground. Own or if it was in Saran wrap and someone was playing a prank I knew it land in the trash and nasty stuff bonnet in it pass the sniff test. The sniff test I got to sit in my game I mean I've done that. You drop it in the trash can you pick Kevin and Ian I've thrown away staff from them I mean I wish her answer when. I'd wages eating I've done it before we like two bites of the cookie no I don't either I say I'm a sort of way. This is a sitting there on top of the cookies Italian back. South India. Just right. They don't only bombing and I. Well could have an event that way you thought about it for a few minutes and now affirm trash in them. Cash is running Randy ballot something climbed up from the bottom of the garbage can McDonald's coffee grounder Sunday. And that's needed in a mean streak operatives or whatever canyons and talking to give voice one more time I was. And I. Yeah concern should there have been relating. This isn't. Yeah I'll get rid of some business in three minutes. Can you not left an impression Annie. Have a limited he had the test you battening kicked off America's Got Talent. OK and I were ranking your co workers in order from how much you trust them with your kids. Alone huh. For how long. How long do I have to trust them with my child's normal maybe Cindy probably I hours nine hours I mean how long does it take your kids actually hurt themselves of that escape. Now about three seconds then that's telling you. Okay. Okay in order of how much to holly at least a pace of the best one on one I would give my kids you first. It's Caylee she's Casey got about a 1001. Net nieces and nephews and she's really good with kids like you got this yes you're I know that you know how to. How to handle and they become fun. And. She I'll hold on I'm not jockeying for a better position here but she also really. It's a really obvious things like why like I don't know like last week when you're I don't they were all meeting did she means on Sunday if on the mattress reality that wiped. No you're right I met Monday. You do it all the time. All the time but she's so good with kids. Your wife and they feel like they may just gonna cancel their own. Back in front of them and that our leader and Kelly yeah is that how tired NetSuite. It's definitely time. Not an outright trying. And I theme can next summer listen BJP. Because you're kidding me. Our great choice he is people pleaser and so like at the end of the day JP just wants to make everybody else happy so I know if I left my kids in your hands. You would do everything possible to make sure that I was happy at the end of it I would spoil your kids so hard to David had bellies full of sugar yeah but I would. That's not why I would do it because you are like the ultimate. People please and a fun. Well just for the record I would give your kids healthy snacks. OK let I would understand maybe you should get JP to watch coaching estimation just metered Internet are. Okay. The ad front and comes Argentinian who is yeah old age of 24. Point four billion point four and I don't mind being in the alone or on any don't have nieces or nephews. And I'm not thinking you view is that like a real baby sitter now I can look like once they hit middle school high school you can trust me but like little kids I don't know I don't know what to do this and at all growing up a couple and then Angeline and her fingernails and then I got in trouble because she went to private school and I didn't know they couldn't have they've gotten. Can add anything. And no they cater to Jews find a wandering around. It's interesting. Amy Jeff did you babysit her not know god. I'm. My child and your lobbying to be first and yeah. Don't really have a lot of friends with kids. I do read our friendship changes after that kids use. Says I'll see you try to be defensive on my place. I know I'm not gonna. Introduces a new video games which slightly terrified it would be educational only I would get out clue fingers of who's really educational plan that. And half but didn't chat which just like. Do funny things at them to and Saddam's story them. Have more interest in contact any decision haters and I distracted by Alec hot girls in bikinis an instant I am and then he would ignore my kid. You've seen the pictures of my dogs I mean sick and and you have some great pictures or your kids I can get some treats out impose on the same like he's having them sit outside and hit his apartment a far Atlanta coming back. I mean if the question is trust them. In order how much you would trust them with your kids I got a good chin even. He's. He didn't even mention. Sharon concedes estimates are now a. A lower than those of us. They jet engines yeah. I don't really my concern is. Typically uneasy just basic guidelines damn. Eleanor I now know that Israel and. I have been less than an hour you can win music midtown bass for CA TA passed two of them please take my kids are raising its. And your kids or perhaps. So thanks for making this wedge. Indigestion just got one star not before one and it.