Politics Free Zone

Tuesday, November 8th


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If your drive and knows drown out traffic and national all did your boss. Join us for themselves in a row every why you are today one story now before one. This may have slipped by under your radar but today is. Election. Really it is there is a lot of voting going. Or why and it as aggregate snuck up on as if you were ready for this count and I heard anything about it at a but today is Election Day I am going to be one of the people that votes nine. Actual election coming vote it down and in our early votes you feel it's more patriotic and all American seats in the polls and vote on Election Day. I do however if I drove. Past one of the early election places they did a couple of times and always had the mines rafter on the building. I always like and maybe it'll be better tomorrow and it never was and now I'm in a position right. Oh yeah we talk about the record number of early voting blue aim names like. Sending history records yet so I so I'll be one of the people standing in line today it's the Aussie at the polls. But we wanted just kind of set you up for tomorrow yeah I'm the Japanese interest and you know exactly what to expect. And what you can expect is no mention of the election. Yeah we're now avoid it altogether tomorrow because we know you're stressed Alley just been talking about elections stress disorder it's a real thing. All up and down your FaceBook news feed your Twitter feed in your answer Graham I mean everybody. Is only talking about elections every stressed out so. There's going to be. Some relief after the election because a decision will be made but she mesa be stressed about that decision that was made so we want. Our show to be a place where you're gonna laugh and have a lot of fun and just to relax we've got some awesome stuff planned for you tomorrow. Yet we why are you just see you know were going over the top a frivolous and silly says you can. You can plan and the following. Tomorrow morning and the Japanese and I'm we've got a phone scam that always makes people. Totally we've got massages. To give you all morning seeking. They were just gonna put our FaceBook live camera on. So when you get to work you can just watch puppies playing in the corner of the Japanese interest studio for like an hour. Because it will make you all and we are gonna play game that we invented called me out we Oki. Where we're gonna try to guess songs that each other's me now paying. Yeah it's going to be and is not ridiculously silly and then you'll be doing it and the carved with your family and we are replacing both of our in the loop news segments we have all the fields. Yet typically we talk about the headlines tomorrow it's only going to be warm and Fuzzy headlines people doing good things in the world and in the world a better place. So we just wanna give you a heads up that if here listening to that Jeff and gents choke tomorrow for. Updates on the election and an analysis of what happened yet. And saw oh you'll have to go out and will we understand if that's what you want we're not experts and you can go somewhere but if you wind. Reality Oki and phone prank calls and phone scams and puppies and massage dodges. Will and an ice cream we're gonna give away free ice streamer gonna get an avalanche it Carmel and Tucker. A runner we're gonna buy anybody comes by ice cream so we're going over the top. Happy thing if we found a unicorn we recaptured in Libya and the subpoena. That is just setting the stage for tomorrow morning's. Jeff and ginger it's going to be complete. Election three. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.