Phone Scam Your Car Is On The Way To Colorado

Wednesday, November 9th


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He's your drive and knows drown out try. No national duty of ball. While you're. Still right now before the line sergeant Thursday morning off on the jet engines show we have a brand new Jeff and Jan show. Phone scam. Got a phone call from a guy named Eric about his roommate Trevor. Trevor is in the process of moving to Colorado and he's super super stressed about it so I think maybe. Our own scam from you would help him relax and I said that's sounds like a terrible idea. He said would you still do it and I said absolutely. So this is calling Trevor. On behalf of his roommate Eric I'm getting him set up for his big trip to cholera it. Hello hi Jessica Trevor growers please. Yes I Travers it's Mitchell with the American auto transport. It I just wanted to let you know that we got everything. Any OK and you work cars on the way to boulder. We got an estimated. Traveled all the time low of eight days so it should aren't just. Needed an estimate for that Ike you know I haven't brought it yet. It can't be on the way. Where you want our web sites the day before yesterday. Yeah yeah I filled out you know the basic information required. I just need a price so that market. On the form and send it as quickly as soon as possible. But I checked said estimate. Right and that's what I want what I'm saying is that we have already started the process that's I'm calling you to just to get the payment information. No I did not locate this I mean you're you're telling me you have a car right now. The cars on the scarier. On the way older. Ghost please stop it. Hey I I need my car I I'm not ready for this I just I just made an estimate you've got to stop it come get my car you need to turn around and bring it back I'm not I I'm not I'm not the truck driver on Tuesday in the office. Please please call the truck driver in total this stop. I I mean I've got to IE knuckle. I I didn't I didn't do that but I've just got to finish going over the paperwork with the yellow. No there shouldn't even be any paperwork yet I mean I haven't agreed to it. I mean I think I'm I don't even have a meeting set up from boulder yet I don't have anything lined up this as they early in the stages from me I need the car to come back and eat. Now please. I I'm much I'm I'm still confused. Did you fill out the form on our website. I ate spilled out the basic information without any dates or anything like that and I checked off. That estimate box because they need to budget for that I'm you know I. I but I I in the form it said how quickly do you need the car transport you'd checked ASAP. So where will marry you were buried customer service minded so when we couldn't reach you this morning we just went went into the apartment. There's a gentleman there are named Eric he provided us with the cookies. And Eric. Well that's my roommate that's not me you mean. You mean you mean your driver took my car without checking any idea eerie thing. He shouldn't even have access to might well he could've gotten my keys but the whole. My roommate that's not me he in no way had anything to do with this Luke. Our secret police can you please get your trek arbor and stop this process. Let's just finished going over this in and policy and I can bring. Driver no. No doubt that mistake on your part I didn't broader range for this you've got to bring it back and it can't. Wait you're yelling. And how are able to my never listened. We breathe through. Well I'm sorry but I need my car and I'm a little earlier that Trevor point cumulative. Allergies down a deep breath and through year in loans. And out our mouth. I'm sorry if I'm getting educated but you have to take it from my point of view trap I was not I would not really I'm brand or worry as thriller. Grab her I'm not comfortable continuing. From his contentious conversation. And so you try to relaxation method it is an improved creators I would like to take a deep breath in through your nose. Look at. I need my car back at her I am and I agree I will not. Trevor I believe in Nantes. This is gonna help us take a deep breath in through your nose deep breath and. More you're trying to get me to relax more it's. Making me angry. I may be right back this is on you I need to get my car back today. Is this can't be happening. You've got to bring my car back please contact the driver and told sky I don't know how I guess I will get to Mike Courtney edit. As long as he stops right now all get our wives like ice eat my caller. Oh man. I want you to I want you to do with me. In three and arrows. And. At the. Okay all right. You know what yeah you know it's really gonna make me feel better if you telling me that my car is going to be coming back to me. Right now and there there's no charges and all of this is just a complete mistake. That's what I need to really call me down. Can I ask you I'd just just a question and pardon me if I'm being too invasive. By do you tend to always focus on the next. I am begging which you'll. I need my car I need to. Or work. That steel one and let's do it one more time and then I'll call the driver in three or knows. And a three about. Please call literally right now police. Tra I am I'm egging you Trevor. Yeah when you listen very carefully. Okay this is Jeff from the jet's engine show. Your roommate Eric wanted passed the phone scam new because he said you've been wound very tight. What is he supposed after from the Japanese yen Sherrill and it's not real just chip from jet engine and this is have this. Or grammar and our member yeah in through your nose yeah. Do. You. Knew who our opponent some. The Japanese yen shall.