Phone Scam: You Eat Too Many Yogart Samples

Wednesday, November 16th


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When Jeff and Jim and fun selling people lined. It's time for a brand new jet engine and this trio phone scam. General calling Melissa. Kind Melissa on behalf of Nicole. Nicole loves we have frozen yogurt with Melissa but the problem is. This is how he's taking way too many free samples season that ran it out makes her friend. Formal Nicole seems to be a better rule follower is convinced they're gonna get in trouble for the over sampling. Melissa will not listen technicals warnings and called protect us. Hey you guys on this is what it's. I. Won't this is Brad and I am one of the owners. I don't. I should how are you. Until it actually I really loved you started Gary pop we know you do and that's that's why college and is on your first name please. It signal that. Rate Melissa okay. I just in the EU EU to. Come on down to this or when you have a chance. I just bring a hundred bucks or weekend. Are charged the credit card to use then your most recent transaction. Buy it after looking at the surveillance. Tape. You are just a long way he it's too greedy with the free samples yams and. I mean you have along. I had I don't think that's me you were in the day before yesterday right. It Burnett woman and then. Tall guy yeah yeah that was me right. Sixty you know at sixes. Well since the number of samples you had and that one visit. Now six. Yeah six and you know like you know it's really interesting about that. Now all right guy this strawberry. And cookies and cream. Rob both of those use sampled on your last two days like two weeks ago. I I know that crazy. Because we have can do is in this door. To keep an eye and criminals like view. Annulled Alan now he you can have a plan that is pretty ample. But doesn't say anything about Max I actually ample. Honey it's it's free samples it doesn't say three meals. And for you can't. You can't get into the store every single time and get a sample. Strawberry it's robbing it doesn't show any. It's dropping you. Stride during a robbery his band name since god invented strawberry. Interest groups are location. Or why you have to give a sample of strawberry everytime and we have view. On February 19 of this year. Favoring. You got two samples. Of cake batter. I am I thought that didn't know which I didn't think they're going to be over. And can pick it and I experience. The one that's the charge the American Express he used. I know it's just kind of community event and street Campbell's right there it doesn't say anything about maximum amount that sampled. Or you don't any it probably is here for to sample is Melissa began. Obviously you're not raise dry as sample as I hope I haven't had this flavor of yogurt before let me try it. Let me see him pull away and see if I like it. That's what a sample is you know an a sample isn't. All. Go get strawberry are and this may ever know what it taste like because you know how strawberries and it changed. But I don't think I think and I can inherit it is never going to go on arms and customers cork board and the employee break. Your parents and you're out there and I. And I I I need to know about the hundred dollars. I'm not continued in the hundred dollar hammer and it went. Three and all the ridiculous and you can't cards charged my credit card and then it did you iPad in vain. Then we will find you didn't. We will find you. And just you know where networked with other yogurt shops. So so don't think that you can just not remains our shop and then go wandering in spotlight now. You know I didn't like I think it does not okay here out I'll Baskin Robbins involved in will take frozen treats. Rate out of your life. And journeyman go to Haiti I think Margaret would greatly. I loved your business and in your business how many times it's it's ridiculous. You honestly ridiculous I wanna to charge the credit card or should we now okay now all the day I looked totally did you get and you're gonna be down here when you're gonna come down here what time. I'm not coming down and not gonna ever come to your story. OK while agency now it is something to say you know we've had on the phone lines have we have done voice analysis. We have done well well yeah we look at 8000%. We know where you work. Ole Ole Ole at all OK we might be mad about why did you go to the front gasket that will physical therapy office that you work and and stand there and wait for the younger goalies. And you can explain to them how we don't do voice analysis on criminals who steal our Rosie O lights. How I even got my number is kind of the army base. How many and and berating me about and linking it does it not gonna turn you up any more business than it back gonna make any in my current combat gear shop eat. Your friends are coming back. Your friends are all yes enough already talked all the way we have already talked to Nicole and she has a problem with you. She is a problem. We have seen her on a telling you to stop taking samples. Is a matter of fact she's the one who turn you win. As a matter of fact is actually Jack from the jet engines show you have just been found scam by your friend call. I'll I wish all knotted. All that bad. And green leave. A lot. Die happy for law and thanks for awake enough when Japanese yen.