Phone Scam: A Potluck Negotiation

Tuesday, December 6th


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Jesse James Giles. Guns are not before one. Iphone's camera coming up here and it just a few minutes and then right after that. Gonna talk till women who went out of town with decades while she was gone from boyfriend. Decorated the house for the holidays which he so when he doesn't it yes. Found out after the fact that he and actually do that he needs some. He has no how to feel about. That we will talk to her rate after the phone scam. So Jeff is it Colleen. As a husband of Trisha is co worker yet. And he's got a special request for her about the holiday. Not so sure it has been at the company quite a long time. Yes human error almost a decade and she sends her on the list everybody signs up for what they're gonna make for the party. And the co workers have been to like which is why. And her co workers that you have to see exactly. This is a brand new jet engine shipments. Yeah. Don't. Hey my name is Scott and I am time he has has games. And I'm calling you about the potluck for our Friday. I. Tonya had rich and had mentioned to me that you wrote down the Europe gonna make cheese cake brownies. And I yeah that's her goat to. OK. So don't make them. What they want. Do you wait who my name is Scotty. Okay. There's a woman named Tonya whose work review for a for a couple of months I don't know of a man her not right she's clearly yeah. OK she's gonna be participating in the hotline. I year out hot and she saw the list and you had written down cheese cake brownies. Yeah that's yeah that's what I'm making at the top that's what she's enemy. Okay and hers and hers are are. So good I'd. And I think you should not make yours. Because every a lot of cheese cake brownies and frankly it'll make you look bad. Oh OK you know. I'll do respect and so our cars are made it seemed minor pretty good deal I'd say competitively I'm right up there. And honestly. There's so many people in the house that I don't think that we're gonna have too many drowning in Howell I'm not really worried about it. I just don't want you to be humiliated. I. Humiliated. OK. I mean her brownies or ridiculous it's going to be embarrassed. To be embarrassing for. OK let you know all the really. Great Turkey is it's her thing it's what she does now. Well. That's wonderful that. I'm still gonna go ahead he make my brownies Gail I want my Al I will give you 35 dollars. 35 dollars and not make brownies rice. Do you think miss. She wants dibs on the brownies it's what she's known for she's trying him to make herself known in the in this office. And she was pretty upset first of all. She is an issue with the fact that you're the one organizing the pot luck that you get to write your name down first. OK I won't even the Lipton. It is that seem fair. Ava I have been working in the ops and. Or eight years I had a Nigeria a fifty dollars and. I pay me fifty dollars. To not make those. And I want but I want day. Full year and I don't want it any light monthly birth day. Things or that Valentine's Day or I don't even want you like doing a surprise. Everybody here's a brownie because then Tricia and I like to his everybody's lives. Now on any night. And you see eerie at Needham and. Do you Weis know that you're calling me now and that's part of the fifty dollars you're not gonna. I'll hold my past seriously this is the strangest com I think I've ever had. I cannot believe you are bargaining for crying. You ever not gonna do business. You're gonna be humiliated. At the potluck. There's a chance you'll leave in tears. Listen I'm sorry this is the strangest thing and I do bite it's probably not gonna be very happy that you called me. I really don't see how are around me. Have to be a contest. It. And it's not a contest. I'm trying to save your dignity. Oh my god. You hire. You know credit they've my dignity nine. If this in its 775. Bucks in Oregon and on the line. I just need to know yes or now I mean you know we have a deal rate now 75 dollars twelve months no brownie starting with a lot. I yell it at that important you out at 75 dollars. Her acts I have to make sure you uphold your end of the bargain I'm gonna pay you a dollar fifty a week. I don't well no note now. I want that have been hit by a dollar but that's ridiculous and she figured terrible that's right that's why you have risen up in the ranks. Because I couldn't make it about you that you're not paid we edit deal. Now. And nobody could not meet the brown gonna march over here white dust and tell her that you called make a pretty sure she had not going to be very happy about that. While I know she's standing rate there we'd like a whole bunch of other co workers and they're all standing around listening to you right now on the radio. Because you've just been phone scams and this is Jeff Wall a contention. Then in the most bizarre Paula I have ever had I am so glad it at the camp web site you are a complete weirdo I. I would like to try some brownies if you really held out I'd like to notice that. Opening day dad also. You can do and months starting now these horrible and.