Phone Scam The One With The Singing Fat Lady

Thursday, June 14th

What better way to congradulate your daughter than by asking us to phone scam her?

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Emilia is they trained opera singer which sets the perfect stage for a phone scam from her parents especially because it drives a million. One people don't respect her craft. Hi Emilia this is Douglas and I am a friend of your parents and I am just calling you to acknowledge the tickets that you gave us to your show the other night. I don't have we. We've never match hello. We'd be okay I work that your dad so I ask you an ad for your phone number is he got me it's against the shall. Well I am I mean thank you so much sort of an additional well lit into him. I here's the here's the situation that I did what L ready Q completely honest we view on maybe I should have asked more questions. By on why I wife and ice. Why is and not enjoyable to us where is there is a lot of Jews. It was howling and screaming. And it was an educated different language. I mean it's so so you're calling me and you're telling you that you did not have a good time. I cannot read because. It was an opera. I say how could you eat you know in different likely to. And and now how loud singing out sort of what are the things is a dwelling. I'm sorry they didn't like it there's not really. There is no that. I look at the ticket that I had the other half bidders are no warning or whatever terms of what a wise. I mean you had to you know that you are going to do and how proud I can't be a Battle Creek Hugh Grant and I pray that. I'll be totally out as video I thought operas or something that we're just in cartoons. You know I didn't think I Brasilia where real things. Well and you salinity. Well I'll remember for the rest of my life. I'm. And again and I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it requires that Spanish builder complimentary ticket so I keep my parents aha. And it. I gotta be Allison the immunity it's very obvious to me why they were afraid. I'll call her okay. I don't think it's only been calling heat coming how much didn't like my performance in my parents to meet you treat ticket. I didn't even know which way and you were I mean you'd ever uses of their spirit without let's cut to the chase do you do any sort of real singing. Anything or be entertaining. Unless I get out there are a lot of people who really enjoy. Let thank god and I hate. And you really enjoy it I think and enjoy apathy and find it very technique in. And I tell you change your whole life pass me and if you wanted a scream for a let him scream for a living that's great what I'm saying is. I would like the opportunity to see you perform some saying that it's. The good you know. All. You democracy America dial if you want to play under different take the. Actually you're right you can watch those. You gotta pop concert that that the senate thinking they get entertainment and now you're can't remain. An empty and you don't do anything like that. But you don't do any thing. No I'd I'd you're in your ignorant gun barrel. Our dollar it's up to think about a microphone. And Darren. And I'm curious. Why would you do that when microphones exists. Unintended turncoat because you can make a lot of sound without microphones. Liked to have actual record crowd there it doesn't exhibit a and a bit but I don't think. That actually very interesting if you want to take time and did some research. Instead of insulting artists. I'm not into Amman and I've not said anything insulting to you other than it. I didn't think what you were doing was good that's not an exciting and is it an insult is it is just an assessments of year. Well thank you so sure and you called blanket screening. Lot of it not. You just say do you sing without a Mike has found which means you have to scream well. You know I guide while you're very argumentative and it's really. I'm I don't wanna see any of your performances. Opera ones or good ones. Well they hit us that's okay well that this is actually. Jeff from the Japanese and show and your mom and dad. Asked us to phone scam you all. My dad is where in Atlanta where they live and they wanted us to phone scam you and saying congratulations on the new show and also. Good luck with the everybody who wants comp tickets and then. Cannot believe it's the seventh okay.