Phone Scam The One With The Department of Divorce

Thursday, September 6th

His fiance had no idea what was coming!

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Pins on. One inventory finishing. The funniest five minutes on the radio play starting now it is about yet understand it she is engaged what we're calling from the department of divorce. Which is totally made up did tell her that her man is actually divorced from his first marriage. Hi I'm trying to reach and Giroux and there and I am a rule. I. OK I bet I was able to track down here from number slams are diverted this serving you is he available or maybe I can leave a message we view. I need to work it out to eat and talking about it. A game a minded Brandon and die he used to live lime tree you know those in France can't take on the heat being used to live in Nevada. Ands his divorce is not finalized. Out here. And I'm sorry located paperwork come through that he's got a wedding coming out. Aside he has got to take care of that be for the wedding until I flew. What that he Isiah he's got a wedding coming up so he seems to take care of us before the wedding. All of that's down of me near his fiancee so you know that so anyway load it. You. And and ensuring that the rape her and I intend to present group. Are you engaged to and Andrew who used to live and Las Vegas. And and was was married once you forge your Garland had to. Yeah I mean I was I didn't get a Major League group. Did get lucky at that he'd never been married or. Yeah he has rated only and Heather and Michael. I hate. Thinking who started it he said that not possible. You know they've never been a pork. And days his birth date to December 8 1990. Well. What you rob mainly on me what age gap in this department divorces. So he came across a database he has an upcoming wedding so we like to calm way in advance because it takes ninety days to clear this stuff out and obviously you can't get married. Until it's cleared out Saudi citizen clashes in front of us. We had to reach out but. But when Larry. Are you can't get married and held this paperwork in his throat so we should rush it but even and it takes it takes like 85 days. We have the option important happening aimed at less than sixty days. Yeah. I mean I can't do anything about that the laws the laws you have to move Joanna and I just it and I'd I'm busy I universities from Gaza makes so. Where today and cheered. Yeah I mean right now do I mean I don't say it still not weren't sure this thing if there is. Yeah I guess. I didn't hurt and look lab. And articulate and. It isn't don't think it ever does it may take an average wind with a handwritten you know I mean. Well I'm pretty sure any thinking. I'm on JDK there's no way that. You Colleen. But for a wedding and think and act like activity. Certainly hurt me and I think they're good. Shannon you are getting way worked out. You can get married I ever. What I did. I don't believe he can under I don't know what. He's going. What we're told me I can be but I think we extract. I think it is Shannon the first thing I I need you to do is is count down okay good. You seem a little on edge and I don't think that's an enjoyable. Situation to be in for the rest in my life right marriages for well. He what I. It'll remind me you know until I had but I don't think I don't know he didn't occur Brit married. Here's the wave that there we get expedited. I give you Heather's phone number and that if you guys coming together. As ex wife. I need to go to a lot of heat. I don't need that good so why don't eat don't think. I don't I don't know how available she would be to be honest it is because they know she's a lingerie model. Her parents. Who tie when available. What's it going I need to call my day and I did what what is going on. He did that sort of member of that information and to review that I didn't. He departed divorces here's the easiest way to get ahold of call the Jetsons and Cheryl. Why. Akron Jeff and Jen sheriffs aren't you for whining and Andrew wanted us to phones cameo. So my age I'm going to kill him through. It my bare hand. Okay well and isn't exactly something you didn't because he only put off as a collapse and it hello. It listen I gotta be honest with you Janet I'm actually pretty impressed at how you just please rate over the lingerie model part of that. Tyler is. Well congratulations. On your upcoming wedding if it's still on.