Phone Scam: The One About the Wife Who Didn't Pay Attention

Tuesday, March 6th

"Is that any way to talk to a nine year old?" 


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Star in 941. Star in 941. But right now is the funniest time minutes on the radio it's okay comes up to Doran says hey we sponsor me. I'm raising money for a great cause any of that and is reporter's eye well yours scared here's your gears and merger may give you. You're rated game. What you're doing is paying attention. To little boxes that year who are paying this much per hour of the bands that time. Twelve hours' advance and later edited a collection call. Bring any jet engine jet offense M starts right now. So I sort hey Jordan this is John and the rose calling I think you know my daughter Courtney. I mean you you might and our budget our daughters no there there are high. How are yet they have not occur to name a good. Well what can I do Korea. Is that there's nothing wrong I'm sure this is just a misunderstand that we clear out man to man. Pride it is you probably know. As some of the girls in the school shows further fund raiser this year to do that dance sometime thing. Yes and I heard about it. Your wife sponsored mighty daughter and she filled out the little card and she wrote. She rode a hundred dollars in which is very generous. Problem maze. She didn't check that box that say that that was the whole donation. So it's 12100 dollars is they danced for twelve hours. Sushi a little. Couldn't duck know that the thing that I understand she didn't check the box but I'm pretty sure that. I mean that's is that we have to disappoint accident Sunday and I think we're geared for 200. Up. Now loud Jordan that's how you would talk to a nine year old. I wouldn't say it one not popular nine year old I'm talking to you you have the putt I I would argue worded differently if I was talking to. Prosecuted to the current model car that my daughter analytic chart that blunt I but I would try to explain to her that tanks you know what it's because he's too valuable money so I would just trying to explain why you should be very thankful for. Ever gonna sit down and teacher life lessons I think we should be teaching life lessons. To your wife. Noted that hardly do you think this to be a good opportunity there. To teach a lesson in that responsibility. In being held accountable and checking your work about those lessons. Jordan. I made it 200 box used just converts like she's she did fine I mean it's great she she hung in there and didn't at all so. You know why she hung in there because she thought your family was gonna be giving her 12100 dollar. That's why she hung in there that's why she persevered. Particularly the little. Two over the top. Here's what I tolls Courtney is that people need to be. Held responsible for their actions and that includes a nine year old and how old hurled your voices she'd looks old so. But look at it we don't let you know personal. And she looks old enough to know better. Can we agree and that. What I mean there's no better than what she just to come home from school. With the storm almost every other guests are we got just she missed a box. Let's hope that you are never on life support and she misses a box office now. So that it never happens. Yeah. You're right about it so. Ortiz can handle this I'm giving you a man to man courtesy call to let you know which she didn't. I mean what are you talking which is not worship and he's out to its truck and your wife Scarlett be repossess. Eight day air. Morrow of how and we hope and a coach are probably okay which your to your daughter. Reach out to a tow truck series hookers seriously ask you a a clear now why would a total truck company taking it you've got to be kidding she is in no way a coach or companies going to listen to awoke yet. Chase claim a situation in you know why you unlike you the tow truck company it had a heart. You know. Nine year old. Oh come on. And it was do or how about we split the difference a leader couple on sort of under. Let's think about for the next 24 hours my. That is the good little and don't try to hide the car keys she also hired a private investigators so we're watching. You're really long while you're trying to scrape up that money. I would call your mother in law and I would ask her why blank I would say hey let's go why did you. Ask the jets and giants showed start any forward to phone scam me. This is Jeff from the jets can capture it started for one your mother in a lot of water that's influence game you all thank our thoughts. All. I think that means that she like sees so that's a good thing right. Thanks yeah that's great but it's my mother also I don't really think you can do. To do her best. And buried her daughter if the. Hero brand new scam at 750 tell you friend this morning. They shouldn't shelled full scale solely on starting now people line.