Phone Scam: The One About Tanning Anna

Thursday, June 14th


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And I got to Canada beats entertaining Salina once for that can on social media she can thank her best friend for those phone scam. So I in the river and I am new as a means of bomb and or something. I get the eight Jeremy and I'm I'm way Chia mama Jan. I I got to figure out that what we're gonna do about social media posts. I yet not a whole interpose any social media pages about the and to be sure and we're gonna understand. Boring your glow or whatever because it. And who wonders where he showed very distinct and line. But you imagine I know. It might. You're looking at my social media and your judging my whole. I'd kind of judgment thing it's just they knew there aren't showing all threats and in a post it was due within ten days of you have an appointment with us. There's just says okay so you've got to tag yes you can't act like you got Santana. You like like. And only give you credit or Mike more. Obliged part of that agreement the user agreement. You think that Tampa that you can get batted the beach in irons and. Now like yeah I come in and get it but I authentic hand on the. And forty's or later you're at the beach and year alone almost figured into race. You know. Not a personal thought I might social media and it's really creepy and then I do you're in how you can crew. How well Aaron and my body came from the line are from this side of you might though I knew Rick when you. This and and I am I I'm just I am making the phone calls. I don't you're not my type I've got a girlfriend and name's Courtney. OK okay. Junior year. Is augmented so you're not all that number one. Not until I'm not stuck and you're saying its security security start your age. And number three I don't know the massive percentage it and from this now plays it is I get a Ding you ten dollars a post or are you got to take them down or we worry flag the page again I don't let alone comment. So I look. There weren't showing up and not. You want credit. I might bite your why did not great it was the cheapest. First of all my girlfriend's hotter than you are right. And that's number one OK number two we've got the security camera footage of you coming and going out of that thing and so if you don't cooperate. I got to create that it can account and I had post the pictures in daylight this growth rates and includes. So bad or your girlfriend I you know urged you not eating it now. Can't wouldn't Obama want every point. Each time people know. How low. I was trying to get through this I can go out back invade. Oh. I don't. Think you can somewhat when he. Yeah Larry you don't write their account is now. And that well ever say why my guess is they're they're gonna call you out for your fate friend and now zero extensions. Scenario you're a 100% they could we can see at. It's those that much. I feel I am so sorry for my manager and held and that you wanna go bait and calling it but at least in my hand in your being late as an album but here. Really we're wanna get hard and not. Okay why you just charge your credit tired and banged. I don't iconic art. Then when you say you're gonna cancel yeah are you gonna cancel radio call mommy and daddy to cancel at home and and. You have your club didn't come here a year where are you like another quarter. And 9190. I'm in adults are not including ones so I'm older and you might as you combined beer legally. A. OK well here's one thing you can't do you can't lie about tanning with a our salon on the Internet. Is either now or am I get a troll your posts are you gonna pay out. And how do. The current. And you know we don't review employment credit right and not on your client ever. Fine then do it every got to give him when you're all done with that it do me a favor call it your supposedly best friend ray show and tell her. That does phone scams that you say you would never be a victim of you just were made well. But it. This is Jeff from the Japanese games yeah. We didn't know. Every every bit of information I have came from Rachel so this is a 100% at her. You don't and you.