Phone Scam: The One About Loud Olivia

Thursday, March 8th


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and right now it is time for the funniest five minutes on the radio and the farm I have a brand new. Jeff's engine show phones scam. Every group of friends has their loud friend down well a Libya happens to be allowed friend in the group and she knows it. And Tracy is planning her birthday brunch so Tracy. I is the recipient of a phone scam courtesy. Honey is glad it's on radio starts right now. Well I am looking for Tracy please. Eight scene hi Tracey I'm calling it confirm your brunch reservation and for this Sunday. We're excited to have you. Back for our Sunday brunch. We did notice that this same exact week last year error EU also had a reservation for eight people is it the same group. But what no. Other reason I'm asking is BK is one of your friends. And whose name I'm not sure of but I'm sure you're gonna know who it is who is an extremely. Loud that person. They laughed very loud and they talk loud they're just Lyles. I'm. Okay. Is she coming OK you know what I'm talking about right. I mean I have no idea. Right okay this coming back review this year. He all right. How can we make our burnout is loud. What what our options with that it's. Israelis. I mean I didn't know about Linda's such an issue I mean she can't go out I didn't really hit it here or something. She didn't really make a scene is she's just it. Very loud bell labs and that those that looked at her presence is just no easy. And brunch is supposed to be a relaxing time you know a lot of people are there. I just trying to start there Sunday off quietly a lot of hangovers. And she certainly doesn't help that you know how. OK I don't really only want to do about actual I need. Literally do not know what I'm close to do that at. He did his anyone in that in the group talked to her about how all. I know weighing her general treasury in his. Com me now all we all like carrot that's why she's coming to the branched right beauty here than around at your restaurant. You notice it right. I mean you know and boisterous they're patient person and I mean I would ever shut her up that's what I like about her. But would you take her leg to a library. I'm not right oh my god. Are my dad again mega hospital and an old folk sound shoot scare tonight. Did not appropriate I feel like I don't. I feel really kind of skeptical about coming back to French now different from really inappropriate even amateur. Speaking went. I'm the owner. You are welcome back and we have yet the reservation for senate for eight it's nine canceled ball. Here's some option. Gives you could find a way to get hurt not Dick comma. We will have someone sit in her place so it's still an even number yeah I mean. You know this is Currie you've seen what what do you talking about. This isn't sanity I am not happy with the phone call do you not want to stand and I did not understand and in fact I do not want to come it's red I don't I have. What do you mean guy and cancel all deliberate curry. The reservation is it can't be canceled you have to come now. We don't want per cent and. Laura what picked renovation police will come to my. Capital I have not ever treated like this. I mean you'll not get I get a quarter of ice and about you you're very normal zones. Oh my goodness. You know what I have I had an Elway and I don't bring my Trenton has an air restaurant on capitol okay bring Britain six of them it's just that seventh loud line. Yeah I don't care eye and ear restaurant is not going to be part of my. Dignity anymore okay well well you have to come this weekend because it's not cancel. We now yes no way yes. Now yes it'll be our. Debate it and legal and necessary yeah happening. Gonna call the police and say why hi I've got a loud friends I'm are you gonna call the police and the Lake Powell. I canceled all reservation. All seen that I'm sorry I called them they knew about this that are recording this for evidence. I'm sad to hear about the stupid yeah and enduring saying geez you have allowed friends in that are and I I have to hang out. Don't hang up this and I wanna tell you the truth. This is being recorded this is Jeff from the jets and Jan shells and your loud friend Olivia want a best photos and a little. Oh my god thank god given all. The. Angry for the polled say it's not as loud Olivia. Oh my god and fluid. RA defiance instead he got little telling enjoyed brunch Wear earplugs and star in 941.