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Thursday, July 12th

Did Lisa's husband sign them up for health insurance through his work? 

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Lisa is about to get phones scammed by her husband who were calling from his employer because he never signed up for benefits. I. Hey les said this is Mitchell with learners benefit streets during your car you go and hey you need Mittal met Charles yup. Listen article I know you're busy and we've been playing a lot of phone tag so I'm just gonna get rate to it armed. I did some detective work and this sand and the reason and then you've got those bills back. Is it clears up yup don't have insurance you doll we don't have time by any insurance. Not sure yet so I might have been. They're not gonna they're they won't pay for theirs. Guns. And ammunition I had been right up. Gearing up no problem let me see ER. Already here remember he told he was going to Karen at this event great. Yup I. I never met within that day united Arab Amy from our department did so. You're distracted hey. You're under your curtain that nobody from your permit it to they're different. He went to the center from an aura he told you he went through open enrollment researchers visited I. And I have to get this figured out. So how would we do from now when we come here national. If I were you I would have thought through things a little bit more and then maybe. Just just not you've gotten sick you know had some sort of agreements enacted sicker or anything that share. So I don't know. You can not get kicked her out of your mind. Well why can't why would you why would you may well why would you not sign up for and I out. We weren't sure and I don't amber yeah keep my hand and open only to. I'd I November 18 your husband's name is Adam bright. Okay there's a picture there is I client I'm vendor. Golf tournament thing. He was gone all day at that. Why he endured on and yet he was insane have from an enrollment news playing golf and certainly the currently. I don't know about how could he open enroll if he was at a golf tournament is my point. So I would spend less time on the phone with me by name. And more time having a couple urged used to fight out the flu. What if god could say that's gonna be pricey. I don't know I don't really feel and try to look I'm really pressured into it despite. Paper open well now we paid plenty going on now that we. Did your bond right now so that you've. Right I'm hoping I'm a golf tournament if he had been great and call right now. They're little adults and whatever you do don't I didn't hear that sale. Given that fact the you don't have health insurance should you be getting your blood pressure. And heart rate as high as you're getting. Pressure and didn't. I urban or or treatment at Mercer are represented about whether you are our hands yeah you probably got your degree online or something like that close enough and it's my outlook everybody have a degree count. It's been tight joke. You need to get it figured out. All right you're very now we are not. You're getting very upset that listen let me give you some information that might be able to help lead MM pen handy or can you just remember this web site. I I I yeah I can remember I got it I its web MD dot com and that is going to be your best friend. Until. Next year. Are you he. Didn't. I believe that you know. You don't you need any compassion. And that polyp harder here. Right here's what we can do going forward do you want guys. And this is something that I learned I've got a six year old. Do you want us to ten notes to Adams jacket when he comes home so he missed a you know what's going on. Now and let them grow. It may and you've got to eat out and Jack went on November 18 and back up for open and on certain we haven't heard. Hey Karen did well no you know what am I thought all the yeah at a air deeper that picture that you. And that while none of that insurance or not so listen let me just leave you read this okay. I met I've already spoken to Adam and that we've already talked through a whole bunch of stuff including the fact that you've just been found scams. By the jet's engines show and I must say that bad your experience that. Throughout these unpaid bills and wanted us to phones cameo. Are you kidding me. So I think you still I think you have insurance. And I think maybe you should take advantage of this therapy were just speaking. Berry again thank you don't you see good humor in this at all anywhere. I'm sure I'm well later when my blood pressure has gone down OK look carefully vet is I don't know how you insurance.