Phone Scam: The One With the 24/7 Trainer

Thursday, March 8th

Adam loves his new gym and personal trainers, he just didn't realize how intense they would be!


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Star in 941. It's time for the funniest five minutes on the radio and alma low as is new Jamie any loves the personal training program. We've been huge ran. His girlfriend loves that he loves it so much other shoe on the rest of found scam and let him know that the personal trainers. Follow him. Everywhere. Brand new jet engines events insects are right now. I. I'm Jennifer Adams please. An atom atom I don't think you and I have met my name is Jason and and I were to add a mile heed to that huge has joined in signed up for the personal trainer program. Obama let me ask you how your experience has been so far the jam and we've made our trainers everything good so far. I'm actually really degenerate into another dent says that look on the lot cleaner nicer and everybody to trickle. Great and are you still committed to achieve the results that were on the survey you filled out when you came in for your first trainer appointment. I have amount to New Year's knew that I put on my religion though. That's great I'm so glad to hear that talk to me about chick filet yesterday. The third. I articulated earlier. I. I watched you walks to the front door of the jam and throw away. Fast food bag. And when I went out looked it was a chick flick back. Hey there. The Mets will feel they targeted. Do you think it's a little odd to throw away fast food in front of palace of health wellness and fitness city. I have to do. If you're committed. And to lose weight to become stronger. To look better naked. Waffle Fries part of that equation. What can you couldn't pick. You go my bad round rose. Man ask you why you still are parking sign that the bottom floor of your parking deck at work it would occur at one. Wouldn't it make more sense to park on the top back and take the stairs up. This little Lola alert. You ask. I help you achieve certain goals. Let them. Part of that is a 24/7. A valuation of your lifestyle. So I came to your workplace now Lenny led and I watched you. I went out. About this car it is creepy. I've read. How you don't want it or. While you sign the agreement what about three weeks ago. So we've been doing spot checks. And we saw you at the weekend after years signed it eating chicken wings and drinking craft to be here. And we didn't say anything is just a few days he hasn't warmed up yet but for that behavior to continue. Adam you god she's dead. I'm not a big and I thought that the but he added him to connect on the DM yeah. I got a regular gym members and it was Sammy did everybody. Now do you. Signed up with our new personal trainer program where we. I'm Leo I do not want it what I don't you follow me around in my classroom bag. Following you around to go through your fast food banks you threw it away on our property. Once something hits public property. Right then we can look at it. That's how I know that you ordered Domino's Pizza. Once she rolled the barrel out to the curb I can go through. You are. 47360. Degree wellness programs in many. Going to bed and now why why an hour out of twenty or 120 ports. Don't we use signed it and you initialed and no escape clause so we're not gonna. Oh it ought to work committed to your health and wellness you can't get how. Now and I'm London late Diana and help us help you do. I'm good I'm good I'll go back and old eat you know mom finally that's how our California sloppy. Yeah yeah. Then it right now. We have to catch me and giving that you had doughnuts for breakfast it's. Didn't leave your house without something you'd trade shares and sustaining in your belly and you're not going to be able to catch me because you're out of shape. In years low. And Europe we I wanna. Get it right now. Now. All right well my supervisors and hair but maniac you get your girlfriend and the. And James show yeah wanted us the phone scam you. Yeah very proud of how how much you were friends of maybe getting the error I. Don't know. Everything which means and as watching you. And young star ready for a one.