Phone Scam Jeff Found Julia's Iphone

Wednesday, October 19th


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Sure I'll still are. Your favorite time of the week Janice phone scam. Ready are we imminent for you this is actually and we enemy and this is actually an interesting. Challenge. There is a woman named Julia. OK Julia. Is prone to losing things and is also according to her brains. Not super bright. I'll write. Something nice now. So may things we would that you ecology. And tell her that you found her life. And India which in his eighth. In news we want you to call the iPhone use that you found. Steve Machida. Right. It. Hello. I the to for Julia. Yeah I didn't see it. Hey Julie this is Brad and. Don't. And figure aimed not for breakfast this morning. Yeah. I'm you laughed your iPhone here. We had your found. Oh my god. And it only got great okay. Sound. I wanted to let you know I don't know if you noticed it was gone EnerNOC Donnelly now we have it it's oh. I if you unit and Mac you just describe it real quick and easily double confirm. I yet M directly and I and I think the question annex. Kind of a black keys on it and I. It's got a little hat on and hurt him. Yet that's that's the one the found yes so what did it we'll just keep it here and I'll hold onto it and even command and then ask for me him and ordinary get chances comment down in and will be here for him. Perfectly to Selma. Got them thank you and. Says that if folks home number one is evident she talking on the phone I didn't think it hook riots and I can't tolerate. Hello. Hey con I'm about the phone. Are you on your way back here yet by any chance. I am and I. I'd I'm actually at work right now I was gonna lease. A generic sense. A guy I'm actually leaving and the restaurant is closing for breakfast lunch only hope so. If you want. I could come by where you are. And little or we can meet them Miller sent then but I just got to go right now and I know like if I lose my phone. It throws after holding so. Her shirt. I would actually like it that's not. But it adds security didn't think we Rhode we saw how everywhere appreciate. A cat island. Is it correct that you work and it's. Yeah thank you again. Aside and go to depart deep in your from a witness yeah. We had that way and then I will give you a call when I'm close and you can. I'd just run granite or whatever tackle. Yeah that yes thank you apparently are. Awesome documents. But I do and I. And Iraq and just human. A. Don't pay in its me again and sorry I but I got a little bit sidetracked. So ago. And what would actually be be cool is can I just saying you. It's a long story but if I can I just text you the address where Emery now in and I'll be here front and power. So. Yeah that's I'm sure again. And texting in its key raw label in. I'd need to get it. I doubt about it I'll be here for the next hour and just come by and pick it. You have yeah a sign an hour or aren't but I mean I'll be your round you can come get it right now if you want to now be year for an hour. We forget what I read your found. Okay I'll answer your phone will be. OK I'm cool was seated. Okay. Oh yeah. I. What. I pay totally forgot. Oh adjourn the asking a quick question the phone that you're coming to get from. Laura and guy that's your. IPhone. And yeah that's the lack cases that. Little cat and the case. Yeah I would think you all are all correct. The phone number that and made six fours here. Yes yes a good question. What Boehner you I'm right now. I. Only problem. It's Geoff. This is actually Jeff from the Japanese engine. Oh my god I'm such a moron. And so am I yet that is that is an accurate. Thank you are not before one okay turn enough. And Justin Jan show all the now.