The Pettiest Dealbreaker Ever: Part 1

Thursday, March 30th

Jeff's friend might end a relationship just because the guy likes to, get this, wear earbuds when he's alone...


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Star in 941. IMAX framing has the perfect man. He's in his mid thirties. He has a great job. And you told us your friend discerning yes she's thirty he's. Great looking he's such a southern gentleman that. He's still rises when she comes in the round to the point where they were just hang out by themselves like doing that Netflix and Joseph thing. Or he would stand up when she came back in from the from got a bathroom or some of these issues that you have to do that. Everything about him his perfect she is just so I know wade. About something that he guys when she's not even Iran. It doesn't even happen in front of her now old bugs her at that this habit of his exists he is. And ear bud guy. Explain what an ear bud guy and it when he goes grocery shop. Winning team makes a two item target run the turns into a 200 dollar target. Where and he is in line at the bank rate to did did did you know fighters and paperwork or whatever. When it he is in the waiting room at the dentist. He wears your ballots. He listened to podcasts. He listens Ted Ted you know music. Business and jazz movie. But he listens to. Stuff constantly so even when she's not around only when she's Aaron he never does it in front ever says Sally there on a road trip and he's in the car. Listening to it had something while she's right. All day is not interrupting their time together. Let's stop and show eggs well. So we're right and what does it say about him that he wears earbuds all the time just bugs her that she heard he doesn't want to be. Earbud less she heard statement is. An LA gear but people. And she said in years or dilemma. I can't say anything to him about it because it's so anti. And he doesn't do it in front of but I can't not say something about it because it drives me it's got. This so we aren't those the weirdest thing to pick she yeah she does like your but people. Because she likes him and I think she's kind of forgetting that if he does this all the time. It's obvious they're really big part of him. That Timmy I think actually set like it's it's the other side of and he's very social he's very nice. So I think she's just not realizing that it's the other half of him that I think helps make the part of and that she likes who he is leave it to an all deep on it now. I gotta give her credit card blood. Your site now just like I'm I'm an inside person I think that gives him the part of him that she really likes and I think she should give the your bedside credit. I think maybe she sees your bad people. She conceded another way a way that gives him strength to be super social and be super kind of scary whenever he is like. Got to give credit beat your bad moments where he's like I gotta get in my zone I gotta like music and podcasts and learning to. She leaving the bugs are rude I don't yet sometimes people do that like Lincoln's thinking interbrew like you just don't wanna be social all the time. But I am new super social when he is so 404. I'll. Teams 63094. Line given any guidance or any direction. To give as a dumb Mormon. Andre got her out for no reason and eats. And she I'll star.