Perfume Etiquette Predicament: Part 2

Tuesday, February 7th

Jeff has a friend that smells a little TOO good. He needs your advice!

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Star in 941. That we are talking about is. The dilemma that a friend of mine is having. Involving aids potential high here we need your help put it. Woman wants to hire a nanny for her son's. Fight. She loves everything about the married at that that two or three times they've actually met got together. In any wears an overwhelming amount of perfume. I miss sign yet that. They sign you on a minute shall. I signed yet is like you do is going straight up you don't know this woman you don't owe her anything about the hire her just go straight ahead. I gave that I think honesty that I didn't. I interviewed at I think it is not bought and you're hired her that her anymore he did it beta bet Bob ever at that and respect boring. I can't. Did the conversation and then. What are you gonna do an accounting that the matter urged how do you maybe that any different than she did like soccer and it quite. But it's I think it's different because if if her son was like. I don't know playing too close to the road right. You can secure that involves the Simon you can say. As a safety issue is safety issue like they don't let him go past the look the trees because cars come flying around the corner it just makes me nervous. But with a with the perfume you're like. You staying. Tough and personal and somewhat personal thing so you took it and give way when he said that. Mainly eat you know everybody has different opinion than it even when you go purchased our ears and people like that there have been able. I don't think she should be offended by it. I think so because I mean. I. Okay Christine. Welcome to the show. Hi guys that this could well I call our troops there. You keep. The compliment leg he really nice hair and then each color. She teen and then you get any end to complement those are killing her when she heard. REG. Since the day it's approves and wage where the brand as is the highlight of the meal. OK so kids this nanny. Or potential naming the poop sandwich how would you do it. OK. I attempt to show you. So great at watching it your beard great they play you're wrench my Ers team around her ex. But you'll also. I. So it's it's basically what you're saying is it's basically making a sandwich. Out of the most delicious pressure is Brett on the planet but then that chicken salad has dried cranberries and it bridges. His fifth ball fall but who'd just bad. But the chicken salad really good it's really creamy in the bread sealed tolerate. The hoop in the middle in order to get the rest of god thank you putting that's a nuclear arms since. There and help the like some damage. Perfect sandwich beneath the he'll let the bread though. Yeah. Laura lay in Atlanta on them there's yet. Hey I don't have and cannot full time nanny and he actually like any other job. At a minority and like. You're on the work and at the uniform now a background like your Turkey am I finished. I like calculator and I am sure should be trying to you're playing like Java you're getting paid to watch our kids. Also being an ending like your part of the family out at the patient advocate they are. I have thank you I have an idea a better idea and actually the best idea. We've tried I don't they can here's my idea what you need to do is you'd need to have what you need to take your phone and like. Kick in under the couch or something when you're in the living room with her. And then simulate almighty god I lost my phone will you call my number so I can find it. And then when they do Paul when she calls from her phone she calls you were found. From under the couch she hears your ring towns from her for her. Friday. I mean this case is this case is closed. Others jacked out. That Andrea. Idea a huge surge act on this is now ranks. OK everyone got a daughter are used up a tragic skate get here right what ilk right. I didn't see any real. Gesture and a coalition and so you talk and my husband does not extra proceed so yeah social and vibrant I can't even the worst I've got. You can't Wear it on the ABC had a lot would you please just mind waiting until eco mode. Well that's all I'm trying gamely trying games until she ends up alone with the with your husband. And just walks up human randomly says I just Ronald junior now I'm not even wearing lotion today for jail the I don't have a lot of our seat down and any lotion and a negative. Color like you still go on lake. All nobody wants confrontation everybody's OK welcome to the show who. Audio. Are eager to blame bad. No I come to find out that everywhere market Greek story. Better just. Saying Alex Corretja I thought I would get wet. You know one of the pain I hate to say that you can really strange but Eli took great she jury to Wear a lot of perky and such and it always makes the current. Drawbacks that trial and inserted make it's it's great story that really they think how much really started loop in which I'm that it. Make sure that I can you know not make you. Get back to our six straight twelve anymore. Tough stuff up so I don't dream may have sixth grade teacher will solve it. Everybody just loves them away. Something else. Nobody had time for the truth. Thanks for making this wedge in the chest congestion one star not before one and.