Perfume Etiquette Predicament: Part 1

Tuesday, February 7th

Jeff has a friend that smells a little TOO good. He needs your advice!

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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion one star not before one and I Jenn here's the dilemma coming what you would do. And I think we need the expertise. Either her. Two categories of people if you're one of those people who's really good. At one on one confrontation. And then we need your help. And also shared HR person we might meter. Yep you're good with uncomfortable conversations. Because my friend has. A beautiful little boy. And she is going back to work so she has hired or is in the process of hiring a nanny. Command and take care of of the little boy and two and I hear you talk about. This all the time. We've. Thank you Buick you'd mannered but go out or something and you've got your list of babysitters. You've got like you a list and then you've got here you know delist. People and what. It's a process. Getting people on a list. And that person really becomes part of your family right Luke and there are a part of her every day and so it has to be really good that. For your friend and her husband to make that connection and then. Right now she is a little baby but as your kids get older they have to have that connection to so it's a really special person. Imagine this dilemma. You've found the perfect person and I the only problem is. She knew where news weighed too much perfect. And so if she held your sign. Now you are signed smiles like the perfect and if she was sitting and your couch now your couch smells of her perfume. As she moves through rooms of the house it sells though somebody has a for Brees canister of her perfume and as roofing every room. Did she passes there. Is. Then naming an older lady now. And that's the thing this is in our telephone honest teenager you ha. You have might be an easier conversation to have with a teenager. But teenagers easy that you TV destroy heads up. The front 40426309. Or wind. But that was the first question I asked Mike is this person a hundred years old and I told you guys a few weeks ago I sat next to somebody in the movie theater ES Su in this woman put on an entire bottle. All of old lady flower garden garbage rules and I've told you before about how my. Knows my senses that really really sharp when I was pregnant and for whatever reason I didn't go way. Just tried to burn a channel on here the other day like. And turn that you netted a flood that I. Squirrel for a T 63094. Wind if you're. So the dharma is as if it's not just it. She's like if she was just gonna be a BBC there. He should definitely be an A list baby sitter because and then she'll be like. Now Warner to date nights a month type of thing more like like like mom asked to work late so. The babies that are comes but it's not nearly every single engine doesn't know what it. Candy and Douglas built suggestions. Yes and I you basically just give blood or marriage is undervalued here prone to migraines. And then and now they're very they did it bother you city charter that creation shall understand and not where are lurking around. Think a migraine as a great example is a really actually super brilliant defense. That's yeah you're so Smart and outweighed an and it's also a really great way to avoid any confrontation. It's still a little competition welcomes your pointing out that there percent is too strong. But like you bring your Aussie but you're just saying any census two straw. Had to say through opener and your friend can never have anything that smells good in her house mildly. Writely you get in early holiday candle yeah if it. Hey Robin in Roswell welcome to the Asia. The morning just a letter that the baby hats and managed and out are you all bothering the Eagles and that being being contacted the guys look at our critic and a big deal. It's it's not insulting and offensive still. I went when my opinion are the link in all that app and apple are. And alana and I Lohse like a bit there's no well. Okay we have migraines and sensitive skin and. Friends coroner attack so now the nanny things that you dollar just a really sick leave if that's an Apollo. Okay thank you that's good suggestion. All. About right now Kerry and an Alpharetta how do you handle this tough situation. My conversation I call ET and the BU a RT there actually is simple to understand and know why it yeah. Pulled out and wait and slow and hot down our alertness one more time easy. What is it. Eat eat eat it at a golf hall RA has authority as. We have actually is simple to understand okay. And the I is yes which you can get them control you. Okay ethical authoritative simple and yes all right let's role play this and jammed it lasts Jane is your stinking nanny. Go. I would say a heart gender separate we are part of our Stanley each and shouldn't have been pregnant and I know you're just hide leash and attempts and were not certain what allergy and the baby mayoral have so I but all due to total count a little break on the purse you don't. Chairman your carnal age match Joseph shear. We're glad you're part of the family that we don't expect to still be your when your car and you understand. What do you mean what perfume. That's. The congress agent actually says but I would say to her well but pershing deal or are you Wear white I meant well when you are gone it's still here. I think it is easier to do people not know that it's so strong is it different olfactory. Sensing an. I would find out if she's dishing smoke machines are and how it or did she have like a lot of animal bones she's trying to hide it at loop but issue trying to hide go to see below wind has not know any better. That is a good question because for your friends. If she smokes and is trying to cover it up yeah I can be really dangerous for the baby right because you don't secondhand smoke can be. And contributor to sids or. Or not even Manning and that like the fact that she would step outside the house and probably leave the baby in the huh. Right yes so all right I'm just gonna terrified that woman she's it is terrible I'm just trying to be authoritative Karen. And these are your rules not. I was finally everything can set up until the end where she's like you understand. This and I'm like and I've conquered a little all my parts I'm club. Star in 941.