People are Furious at Missy

Thursday, April 28th


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Or one. I have promiscuity italics here in England and investors are elements but it's days like this that I just love letter home and I wouldn't you love what. The chalkboard ray says talk towards what I thought I thought she said I think she call that the talk board. And then I thought she said chalk boards and then she corrected herself to the chalkboard. What does it even come from teams trying to identify whether. My parents know Twitter days. Somebody said that I continue and carry rigs my fiance should focus on the weekend with. Missy I'll bring some of my frozen lasagna. What was it 30 hours somebody wrote. And order unmarried and no and my vows that I say I wouldn't buy frozen food that's from Chris there is she's of this is insanely. Haley in Jackson how you doing. Get married at you I'm I'm having a great day to cover. Pretty entertaining Larry thank you yes. Or I don't know why anyone in an igniting the fact that you eat our current eighteen yeah on the fact. I think right and it eat as curb police or her thought process of being check out what she had. Coming out telling hand and that other you know lady that. They need to be in mid may need to be getting mad and this could Pallet should be. Are they keep the pain went talent out and challenge her or her about it. She was crying because people were race she doesn't understand gives you so passionate she didn't understand white bit. But that the reason it's called I have really strong beliefs that she just went from zero to a hundred. In no. Things ain't had happened to her at that has it would very traumatic whatever let those cabinet early. You know eighteen years that nothing had happened to call some sort of area and security with regard and left her role is. And Hawaii and yet she passionate about it and they had made her cry and other people are like what are each. You know we don't know where she couldn't it been like that what I believe that app and it in an Iraqi bags. Well I think it's very insightful yet and I think you know the I'm worried we don't know the whole story like this morning she could live. Walked into the guest bedroom and whenever Katz got her favorite dvd. And we'll be there he's got a collection pulled the tide tag rate off it now sour this month. You know that's gonna happen this morning. What if what if when she was vacuuming she now former Hamels off the list and I think they'll pick telescope buffalo Norman Rockwell if more people than you think. Think like missy she Ajax. She's just willing to shout it from there is very top there is nobody thinks like you said. When she called when she first called the show it was about me come back to work and all of that's just. Are you. Are ugly. If her Jane you just read a list of 1950s. Rules for women wide known and misty agreed with them. I know and what I say is that there are more people like her than. And are willing to admit it if that's the case I don't callies listening because I would really lit a fire when I'm Chile with the fact that warm food and liquor run through the hasn't he clutter before I come home. Kelly is up making a paycheck okay. And Jen jolly does the.