To Pee or Not to Pee

Monday, June 20th


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Thanks for being a part of it. It's great debate in our house right now I need your help what that means if you really really honest. Join the conversation for a foursome 419400. Do you go in the show. Shower is the biggest debate in my house with it he thinks it is absolutely. Disgusting. Filthy and vital. And I just so well so European car. Yeah in and he only news in fact. He was before the shower or after the shower. I don't think it's big deal when he gets so so grossed out Miami personal. I believe it to be more environments. In the water they've in the water and statements they've been in the water bill. You're washing in there any way your. And I feel like but he gets so grossed out we go back and forth on this and now our kids are you know. Jump in the past that whatever and you know there's sort of a natural reaction to feed and water. So all yeah kidded about that Billick automatically allocated. Well again mind you think and it's a big deal I mean I just rinse out the water and Henry at it like that big deal he's like. Hub. That's after every time he's done over Baghdad saw scrubs government we should right out daddy. Like he should not have to step in the shower after I used shower. 40474194. I just thinking out loud what if you just leave your kids. And UN afterward that's. But these arguments that out is it would be like bathing in the toilet he'd really really hates it's it's Leslie. How I can't imagine that I would thing where do you follow. Up in a look at the. Yes. It is it like competing and your feet. Like the you're gonna why not only washing. Yet like you. You know. You at the end of the hour. Oh right. There's this strategy. Mean. Odd teams that go on and. Not a lot got a problem more volume overnight shift. In home. Well. Partners are our site are Currie and it also. Yeah. Sun seed that's one more notch on my side of the argument in health care real. It. I think 40474194. I think everybody does it. Right I think everybody is I almost think he's lying about. No he's so vehemently against. It since his VP in the ocean. Asked. Marina Eddie in the shower and should think electorate in Asia and journalists at. You've got it in the chart yeah definitely iron and the majority of us and here are. Some think they've looked this up I saw something about like 53% of people. Admit to. Being sharp I agree with you look at the bat. 53% of people admit to being in the shower 47% of the people lie about being in the fifth it. So how does she think he actually does it even though he or not rates putt. I mean he we argue this is a huge debate in house. Well how does he become op. But he just can't imagine it wants. Or how it came. In a period in Asia and well. Nicole reminder of what's going on. And it's. Argued that Aaron I'm now. I would argue against. Well it's it's everything for me. Every iMac are at an action that formal. Numbers. An aggressive me out. I'm picking out. But he's he's way. Yes I'd. Chris in Atlanta is use science okay to approve yeah Ingram okay. Chris and bring us your science wisdom. That by many here. He had already Errol. It is yet our applicants like yeah I'll. Yup that's totally CNET and I didn't learn that about. In a. You are actually part ER let's say you are you're. I. Really. That's that is then taken it a little obscure. The new product called the active. And just Alexa hasn't of the points it's he's toilet paper to pay cash and in Marietta. Yeah. Well my husband and I actually have an exact same debate. And it's actually appear at all what I like their anger out drinking and Heatley. And grant. Up listened you've monster the putter this go from. In the shower to people drinking their own game and putting an end there. And then they hero not like you're grouping in the. Right now would be real stiff. And difficult to maneuver the and I and it's trying to stop it done. And. It's not currently feeling and it just get their copy. Machines. And did you any answers. Well. That's yeah granted anymore positive opening in the temples. A. Thanks for being a part of it it's. Job.