The Pearl Necklaces are Here!

Monday, September 12th


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Die ready for law and thanks for late enough when Japanese yen. Am very excited acumen yesterday they're sending sitting at my desk is actually for you. Have an open. I'm very happy. An opener on the air right now okay me out. The latest return address. And in always there. Our. It is for Reese. Aren't those on the front so the open you know Hastert saying is something I stumbled across an basement a few weeks ago. Urge is there one minute your name I mean there's a million different people who do it. The one that I got hooked and is is growing Britney. And she opens up oysters. Takes the pearls out and it's it's I did like I don't know what sucks you it's turned doozy Assam for every pro that she's fine. That doesn't basement. That lie and excitement of live broadcast going on. And you you and one and it was the big. I NG says I asked Jeff dollars a share it talked about me and the championship show. And it was rate after recent Don and into the hospitals and she's and jet you pick it only stare. And I'm get a sayings that pearl that in the oyster too little res so I guess I picked an Easter. Fine but it was a rare black pearl and everybody on that was watching it's always like you did it. You've got the gifts I wanna seem. It's. And you know Herbert. While happy early birthday from your master oyster pro packer. Well it's really on my dad we should be FaceBook arriving you. Need to it and I. I okay. We can and should have the same reaction she has yet to describe it. It's a beautiful. Purple blue lack. Oyster. In Saudi sterling silver pendant with sterling change. There's on from here to you how key. Is a Cinderella. Pumpkin and it turns and that the votes that takes. Because Graham loved princess as I can be ads. Look at this. I. My. It's. And why and and and the one from race is a problem that we have to that pictures of this on social that people can see this as soap Grady. Business. I loved. Ones and it. Cool. And flower. Class. His leap. Everybody was so excited and I am like I really I just picked the one and the laughter whatever I said. It's cool it's very equal to purple black we stark. We have to like her it's it's. That's awesome well you summit to Brittany form open and oyster and thank you Jeff for picking agree I have maybe they see that pink eraser for him I'd apparently have the gift. So socially Jeff dollar clam digger. Like mine and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.