Paula's Update on First Date with Jeff

Friday, August 19th


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Stock in 94 line. Couple weeks ago we are talking about the television show love at first hits the concept very simple. Here's strangers who meet for the first time and within sec games. Today this. And then it they spend time together to see if we chemistry. Is there because they started. With such an intimate experience. And it's so fun and so we've riding that jab but who actually rolled in from from Athens you know and he came in to be apart as. And that we introduced him to you Paula. Who took today off of work the morning off work to come here. And all they had to do all of offer in the studio. Rate there should've Tom and everybody thankfully did a nation of audio then it. I got. Hold the microphone up close and personal that one day Kelly she's and that might there. We'll see your picture on instruments. In The Who have been cast. And payment. And then they got to know each other well just the other day. They have themselves a hole. And Paula is doing this now I'd follow. Hey how are you. So RE a burger and are now. I mean. Ewing Jeff. I ahead forced chemistry when you had to kiss each other. And then when a candidate which I was surprised by because rate after the date you were light. Yeah I mean the case is OK given the circumstances these might which is still went. Yeah but I also said it you know I would still be open they're going on that day just to see you never now. You know you you could be surprised I had our chemistry Rick. You can. Now what is able. There it if I was just it'd describe Jeff just based and looking at him in the short interaction. And Kelly eat. Correct me if I'm wrong but he looked a little like fraternity dude I mean he was. As khakis and his polo in his loafers no socks he drove in from Athens yet I kind of held stereotype them rightly cantons of -- Qaeda I'm just sick that's I'm saying just based and looking at him yeah absolutely that's when I bet that was what I thought. And and you said Paula that that's not. Normally they're tied. No eight totally not it ugly and that's that. I thought that he was making a big secret that data into a model I'm not ready in play that's that's my workload quite. Paul. I mean he did he didn't go back and say that's not normally like how like jet that I have to attach her wire act. And that they need you don't really well you know it's and then I had to do you know. A lot they and it's thicker and stocking and he seemed can be extract it right at all as anything in here really outdoors. CE. Like mountain man hours he or isn't. A little bit a little bit let down and talk Turkey as yet though he that is. A lot of photography thing that might artsy kind that bingo age. And definitely definitely the. First impression thinking that you waited that Freddie dude layers. What off. Cashier so you guys you guys agreed to go out maybe one or week after you canisters. Yeah I would it was hard because I live them and the process that new game and I act. Like I am also a little bit that we went out actually on Monday that it with a Monday night any. I that's safe. Yeah I did this get out you know he's been ally on NB editor of early so. Yeah exactly what was your seats. OK so she came new low as I worked him over and that we met her banner at. Very bright lights which is play one of only at least it really eat and won't earn. And oh yeah. Nice that it Baghdad restaurant like etc. And I have dinner. And I pause you right there just to remind everybody and it and it might be some people who don't even know this story. Alli she's where you hear today that the person made that will burn confession. What was well somebody odds that bad. Lol learn. Was actually. A town called there's a town but was told Decatur campaigners and called burned in this town called little burn. Yeah and so she teaches. I'm Lowber it was just who in any little burned. Like that flying way. Wary of that island and Lowber common ground had a big bird eat out I am sorry that I've attacked you go to three what I. Might you have dinner it would suddenly talk we you know what I heard great. And then his leg so it got me she knew it. Hammering slip up Catholic got his like OK. I'm also like a cotton stretch okay I'm casual but I am manager at. And his leg allocated closing about maybe doing. You know let some admirably we'd have to do a little bit of hiking and I like no signs like I can. He can handle that current argument could not no big deal. Flip flop contest making is the best kind of making it I Wear it. The bad and has been the only way to do it really. So I learned about my jacket and make you kidding me I I get into that car and then he tells me that we're going into the lions to some undisclosed location it. And I did quite a bit I am not how it. And I. I'd retelling the story delay my gambling like those records and now looking at you a better job on the floor. Yeah belly infidel and extreme there. Just out of first in ninety seconds every episode of the first 48 back yeah. No I didn't buy it didn't seem like you're gonna murder me and so on now let's see your feet Pollard you weren't running she. Okay I'm no words that hey I don't. That and simple. Yeah regularly or you can we drive somewhere and then. Week or we have to hike and when he did not trail they're not attack it Blake he knew about it and I explore the when he was still live. Around there at that unit turns the battle and. They would do it they're just like. Hopping fences and claiming poker rotten tree that and so should know back and. Eventually we get you a really beautiful rock quarry amazing what we got there diet. I don't really great and that's how I. You know I I have to say yeah. Well. And kind of the main thing and that ends up. Hasn't got amazing. I'm mechanics and. I am totally. Getting out they. It would really cool and we got there and me there awkwardly caught them and I'm pretty sure we were legally supposed to be there. Aaron and the action that on the radio. My number and stick it there damage and that's your first night. We all know that we didn't actually Hala came and you can't help but that's basically gorilla that's basically gates since that. Well I'm glad I ended so well let me say. He's I'm glad to be talking to you now after this man that you never met before. To get you into the legs. Down. I. Not a trailed at bat down a journey through fences and hold with the no trails you can get back and you wanna do to abandon rock quarry that San probably say so it's really. And abandoned or are great they're still. Diet pill when we sat down got a few relic like a backpack with like that. That linked it like flashlights get everything by not spray and the only thing down I look at my like I am. A bird and Tigger something could. I don't know man. You will go on and so here's my question and easy to again. Well. One. Week. Rat yeah. It nobody paid it was weird I. I think you know we had a great time and heard nothing like that. I mean ultimately. I look at he emirates you know everything about quick there hiking and all that edit out there what it really did like an NE eight. It's kind of funny but I really do it like that. Know that I'm not heard I have to confused like there and at what decade. Play peek at any time that the commission. Higher covered in jagr didn't ask great and sliding yeah. Yeah. So I think two questions about the end of the day the first when he is did he drop you off a year car or an urgent care. Plan. OK I'd like. A Christian virtues will you see him again. Well probably at the party began at should. Not probably not like that dating situation I think that they did great. And I would love that submarine and twilight I know there's inspecting that strongly that that really goes the plate. No and you know I'm probably don't really won LA continue to say they use school late cute. You know it'll it will I don't love at first hit them. I'm well I only am I hate to disappoint you guys. Well I'm glad. I'm glad that we did the experiment last year or so on this I'm glad he did murder. Yeah I'm really. Hard bitten into. Art. I almost wonder if his mind he's like I wonder how many sketchy outline order type things I can view an allergy and it. And and you went all the way Nixon counties in the woods and he's like Oprah is that I don't and I thank you probably appreciate it. I. It's Jessie Shen shell sell our.