#ParentingForReal - Poop was EVERYWHERE

Thursday, July 14th


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They're championship and shell. Star. Hash tag parenting for real talking about this summit Jeff content joke you know those people. Share those perfect moments parenting. Which is not. Reality you know you Downey swirled through. The forty pictures of your kid and a 152 time span right and you picked the most perfect looking won the best smile was kind sweating. I think out of place but that's really that's not reality so I've been encouraging parents to share their stories. Of the real side of parenting and whoever else that have checked birth control. For whatever reason Jane thinks I'm tremendously interested Ali's story. So whenever Wear out of the studio that's. All my guys you're not gonna believe what he. Yesterday I. There there that Cobb County chamber of commerce is literally next door of the radius Indian name players to speak. Which is legal. Five minute walk I'm block worth thirty seconds into it. Jan says that sentence. I've got I had last night I think I hit who and and different things in my house at least. At least ten including me. Our dining rooms like fabric covered dining room chairs. Several towels and wash cloths hash tag and two. That Reeves had an attempt now realize that you use in east street. I happen. Paul I've myself juggling two girls we have three year old a nine month old and nine month old is not doing it she's a tummy troubles. You infection and she's been. Not feeling great this week and so. As the parents listening understand that he can mean anything so in one moment. Is taking pills the park and it doubles it's like it's in non. And literally. Within five minutes everything fell apart as you bet that that was the funny part about you telling the story is your life. It was so promise it wasn't a problem in the afternoon it was a it was a little it was we're gonna go walk through the park. For forty minutes before dinner. I was into intensive exercise pushing both everybody's happy. All right. And we get home. Roland I can see she's just like struggle a little budget so only two kinds helper. And so I can't remember the exact same question of how it went he did not have a diaper on. And that's where and I'll tell parts were and how broke loose literally. OK so I understand some questions 2000 wash cloths. Obviously I can understand how they can get a little baby poop right. In case anything back from related. They take that out of the equation yup ha and then I mean it take you out of the equation because she's sitting on my lap chief oh god why would you lap. That wasn't your hands. I had on both legs. Some sneer yeah. Back. On there if you eulogized while the I shorts you had lately players. You have your. Size acts. I think it was and different things in my house and one of which was the high chair. One as the dining room chair and then it because. Her dog Carolina is trained any time a child in the high chair. Be close by because they can be dropping in throwing perfectly it treats to the attic organic food my god it's more organic food in my children DO. And so Carolinas they're so Carolina got an umpire. So. Okay how does again I think chair because she's in and sitting in the dining and so comes up again. I agree though and I don't call him. I. Yeah. I'll next. Well. Out. Not to be dealing with mine he's a psychotic. Mom mask I know but he said he is at a three day long conference call yeah. I have to take it at the Ritz Carlton roundly. And both. AM and go well Logan of Asia. How how old your. I had it. All and or. Here in the thick of it there bring us again to hash tag panting for real. Last I let my diet that Eric. We're at cart. Act and that what apparently happened is that any act the where it now. I'm not I'm not that it has not shaken at that time. And lower 81. Loans and Britney cover album is pregnant eight and walked off the land him when he decried. Must and like smoke grenade like he had no idea yeah it even added all the sudden everybody's. Why. Are. There. Okay here's my question because those moments I want to be able laugh. And I want to be able to look at it from the fifty foot view you know hours. Does is going to be a whole area story today that. I am so close just out I'm no fun I'm a monster are you cool about it urge you screaming harassment. You can't. I would scream yeah actually we have for them I have and I looked the other and and acting as there. Is nothing else equal there. Right things like learning. I can't learn. Your one hit away from sanity Jen I have like your kid number one you're nuts in number two you know and the rank it number three. We just think yeah. I have a little bit yes so I understand it before you get back. It's like training for two years are dirty or Navy SEALs the U doubted he. And is lot of comfort in numbers mark. A more gain in Roswell. Welcome to the jet engine issue which your match take it in for real. A Mormon and which year after a parenting for real story. Well my former we went to visit the care authority here. And we are walking around the daycare. And she just turned into mommy and read them all down my shirt. Sister I feel you that was me on than the day after that. Incidents that did things. And figure covered and it right and then you're standing in daycare going to accept. It. I'm really sorry or. And I mainly in the ones that you mind you we got a limited space on the wait list that's the. I ordered an aging you guys say it together not Valencia are you ready Morgan I'm reading. Hash tag act guaranteeing burger now there's Jesse James shell. So far far.