#ParentingForReal Part 2 11.08.16

Tuesday, November 8th


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As for ten songs in a row. Every hour. Let go DSL refill where about the extra calories and no lip please. Oh man who want to. They've already get in line negative vote today is of course Election Day and coming up in a few minutes I'm gonna ask everybody and they showed you. I cast their votes publicly on here and what questions and when asked. Become an abstinence. Perseus wrap up today's edition of hash tag. Parents paying for real. Which is which is for me hash tag birth control. A parenting for real stories are just as moments that. Share on FaceBook. For all the most perfect beautiful pictures out there but that's not it really is happening we have to last through parenting. The little ones together and kids out of school today because most of the polling places. Most schools appalling places throughout Georgia so. I'll let the kids up in a parenting for real moments today so we thought we here's some funny stories and I want Lauria that occurred in the backyard. Our friend John. Okay 404. 7419400. If you wanna line up and be next Hillary after you tell you started needs and with hash tag parenting for real. OK so he was tiny bit they have an eighteen month everybody's hanging out yet guard yen okay. And little guy is solid round in the backyard there's a couple of kids playing in their parents and grandparents all around. And they think it's because he's playing with acorns in the back yard. And so virus is adorable. And and death notices that he was an eight points in his house and goes over to correct him and it acorns. Out of his mouth squeezed in at which point he realizes you not acorns you guys don't you do this dog tip of their French Bulldog. Yeah. Us and parents came for re all you can't. I mean at breakfast. It is they have been playing with them the whole time. Clinic once. Really am. Annoyed at how many of these stories and all. To finger paint with grouped into. Welcome to the jet engine and share our passion a parent and for a pleased him off the open. They're not gotten buried. And my husband's grandmother passed away on. Of course while the neighbors were and and Eleanor tunnel I was sorry. Already across straight come over and actually our diplomats on the side to tell rushing to brush Turkey. Oh. Okay. Leave the. My husband of course we get onto and county and across the street to apologize. Really go over to apologize and he says you know pretty howls and so now you're in need to apologize. You know pretty flowers. No need to apologize. And sorry that you really need to abrasion. Well. And I eagerly asked. I love her aunt. It was as though there's no show Terry knows. Or zero filter that was trying to appease them. I'm sorry I hear that that it. Rihanna. Yeah yeah they hash tag parenting for real happen in the middle of a crowded Wal-Mart. Yeah around well. I'll sign it liked and well now on that Barry I. He would have been very cranky day yet and now pay about eight era in order entry urban inner. Well. In the middle or more then any did not want to do our goal or no. The Democrat at work it out as well and that hate it attitudes are kicking him. And all until late in me and I. How. And very needy people are looking murdered back he. I'll outlaw it. In at a Wal-Mart say Obama urged. Oh. It has sagged. That they need to look at some probably not the weirdest thing to happen in Wal-Mart. We can keep that's gone on social media he'd go to our FaceBook page you get us because if you have 4047419400. For parenting. For real. Like my group and share that conversation continues with jet engine on FaceBook. Search starring 941 Atlanta.