#ParentingForReal Part 2

Tuesday, March 7th

This edition of #ParentingForReal focuses on all the clever ways parents hide from parenting


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Don't Nady for a one. I Jane is is calling out parents who aren't good at their jobs. Well I have to come myself out on enough wine. You've done this. Yes and I say cat is sick confession that a friend is made to me and I was like oh I have so down that hill access. President parenting girl momma when your really just trying to get out of parenting betray hash tag. Avoiding parenting for real events around the defense embrace and am lands now thanks for holding. I admit there's a judgment free zone Telus you avoid your own children I think the. I do I lock and turn it around on her pocket big outside in whatever I want them alone trying. I'd put her room and lock the door is she a lock in get out. Yes Carol and me too did add that. Absolutely how a Smart how moldaschi. Curry hit girl we we are at a we are assistant assistant with the three majors. At. But she's baby is that basically they make an Arab baby panda. Read his putter or with some food you can see sometimes it's safer that way Buehrle. I have so for her and for you and for the whole family. It's just savor to have some quiet time do you have what do hatchery can throw and a handful apple is lessons or some band and I'd use proxy to. We should around this child troops got hurt themselves America but they're safer sometimes behind locked our Christie in Dallas. Caught her husband. Avoiding his own family what is it what is viewfinder. June adding you know got apparently. So. I. Which yeah OE. You thought oh my stomach hurt thing. Aren't granite Sperry and and I ain't that Saturday. We aren't. Perry and her lawyer Paul and I go to get an act. Open the door I has built it in the dark keen Surrey England and check. Yeah. I would want to read it since. Then there. Are here and there. Government would hit it sucks. You. I'd say he felt I didn't make me throw. DJ you have four year old triplets. Now known as well it straight at the airport. Three kids under four. Her off at a billion on the did settle down. Yeah yeah yeah areas you know other main drag down maybe you're up late. This is Kristy maybe you should start hiding from him since this just a little bit of popular enough that I have to. Thanks dusty yeah. He ige and say hello and a man again hey Megan. Blank blister has checked parenting for real. I am all marvel parent because I stayed home with my daughter for so long and asking appropriate shirt. And I won't get her ready for school and dropped off at school at a small business it on and tell them I have to Russian about a lack. I don't got to work is called 7 PM. Are you like you're you're the mom who's barely even stop in the Carly did kicking your kid out with one for a while still rolling fifth this yellow down under a teacher class are well fifth guy. I scary play pretend that I late to a heart as my hair and a but I let my strengths my trash on my night Huston. And I woke literally either does pick an app I got a friend's house and help the why you got like that. Why do the job as far as school that morning again. Yeah. I suggestions seventy's. I you know and it it tough and you're probably. And yourself from like the teachers thank are you available the sitting today regarding tired you know winning a parent reader that our parents for today you know. I don't have no idea what happens and they ask you to command for career day and you're like man and. And I tell my husband an L. It's an Al these numbers. Aren't real talent. I would see guys. Well I had not I'll lend Condit an in my kid at school. Get no free time at home I swear tee you hit spirited Pinter on my honorary end. But it when I hit the toilet seat a word mommy is required to be yelled and I. Yes. Yes I just cannot only about aids and racking gonna have a good run again I feel year. It ever did not in Redmond Ollie. Yeah I have known as they into the back end in a cookie us. Guys are pulling greater picture it's Philippines this as temperate and trauma no kidding. Hey Melissa welcome this out. Eight. Hey. Guys we got the. I am a mom mistakes and I ran her at thirty minutes on the treadmill every day says that I don't have to get any Internet. So you're not yeah you're not trying to get into shape her break you know your five K record or anything like that. You just know that if you're on the treadmill with a very earbuds saying you can hear them. All six of them calling your name. The foot putt currencies like I am not a health not every team. Ranking don't get me wrong. On I don't have to do it every day I get get it everyday because that's my only thirty minutes south east. That is your sanity I totally get it hash tag parenting Carty of for real yes. And I can wager compassion are right well a friend of mine and I a bonded over this because it she ignores the baby monitor and pretends to sleep through it so that her husband has either of them all the night to get the baby bottle. So and I had to go out. I so if you hear Reese Earl Warren fastening. Anymore art sale of older but when your baby babies in your ages all exhausted you've only had like two hours of sleep for a home night. There were sometimes I would just go. I mean for some sleep until he wakes. So are you lying Erin you like open one guy yes see you can see her leg move it around and crying and stuff you know like all right it's alive. I'm just not gonna see what it needs. And you can't move and the vet because whoever shifts first. Is alarming the other person in the partnership that your actually away see just over an and you have one eye on it yes make sure it's alive. And then he added for years ago I mean I'd like whoever smelt it dealt. Still ahead this morning when Justin Jan. I just compared your daughters of arts. I don't say that. Are you just compare your children to parts of. All learn and share that conversation. Continues league championship on FaceBook.