#ParentingForReal Part 1 11.08.16

Tuesday, November 8th


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Arizona where NATO and keeping them. Now back to. On starting. For a wants sick kids out of school today because most schools are polling place this for the election so you may be experiencing some hash tag parenting for real stories. Already this morning yourself in that free to share with us. For a foursome 419 to 400 if you wanna join the conversation nearly rule we have is when you tell your story. If and it S ash tag parroting a for real I have a couple of these four actually three to share with you too. Want okay I'm analyst you can't carry one is set in church. Okay and the other is set in a backyard. Guy the other Q you said you rate. And then another at a polling place turgeon yard and a while we got to do the only place went first because that it's election. OK so this is opposed from a friend of mine on face it's actually. And they're smiling and hugging each other and she has on her I'm a Georgia voters sticker account harsher. Is she says. Old disclosure. I'm just pick what happened before this picture was. Not so cute and beautiful and all Americans that she basically says she that she lined up early voting. Was standing in line and early voting polling place with a library packed and she thinks I take my two kids about elementary school aged and I'm gonna take them with me and their experience. One is to be American red America learns voting and let your kids excited about it. Well bother standing in line for early voting they recognize. That. Of their library. Check. So her son takes off. Running on. And there's all these people around to search and YouTube library and I hasten. So she can't shouting at him to come here just as his replacement the sun takes off. Patterson hits are crying. And so daughter then runs off to go to it looks at that point. At which point the line surged forward. So she goes and votes I herself. Or you're going to get out she comes out she spoke of them by the tsunami. Outside at which point they both start crying because they missed the voting experience that Miami had been telling them promising them they would experience Albany. Then she got a lot we snapped this picture that that is ash tag. Can't tinker. 404741. And 9400 that's our phone number if you wanna share your parenting for real story but it's basically that the rich and just said. It's taken the veil off the beautiful social media notes at parent for a 474194. I have got to go on for you and this on happened with us because church. And going to church could be most stressful thing that we do right now. Well because three months out an. Acts and brown hair won't be quiet. And then our thirteen month old light doesn't and cannot sit Dallas is physically impossible for her she's I'm an Oliver everything is she is is means. At normally. Active or is that standard issue. Old. The issue thirteen month old hole. This week and all that she's she's a little girl that's like having. There's just so active as the got all his recent enjoys the movement. Yes. Search we're trying to lay the foundation. And I keep thinking. You. Stressed out by the end we both. Mean literally we look let him be there every where's wedding. Completely stressed out by the end of the good news is your insurer so when you see Jesus means so much now wearing. And yeah. So I keep economic. Expert I think it's working at it fast or too that afternoon and grant told our oldest line to share. And she did not wants so he took it away and at which point she looks at him. Out. They. I'm working as I handing out Amanda welcomed the jet engines now. And hardy said today Sarah graves with your hash tags parenting for real story. So my children and way too and sure they were sitting there watching any duty to audible pop up here I get the rest. Later and they have made it rained popcorn. Look live. Guiding hand it looked like it had snowed in half. And that I. How stagnant you can't make it. Hash tag parenting for real not a bad Calgary I. Are you here I bet you didn't do anything wrong. Hash I guarantee for a hash tag may the lord be with. Yeah 8888. Coming up next please. Let's stay Kamal more of these from Gaza to the phones are ringing I'll have until your backyard when Mars Air France. 40474. Line 9400. We will take your hash tag. Parents paying for real stories we'll keep them coming and next an event and she I'll still on.