#ParentingForReal Part 1

Tuesday, March 7th

This edition of #ParentingForReal focuses on all the clever ways parents hide from parenting


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Thanks for making this wedge. In the chest congestion. One star not before one and. We some of the prime parenting for Rio and Jan was laughing at a picture of the Jenner found. Hold whatever girls they go as Reese and Trevor Rees had for dinner didn't want to stay down. And Jenna happened maybe wearing her ex favorite sweater. Locates. Just a picture of it going this is parenting for real right because normally the picture you would see is. After words when the kids playing in the tub getting all cleaned up with a big old smile on a phase legs slash. And life is great you don't know that she's taking a map views grew up everything. It's like all those pictures you pose with your kids and their perfect hair and their perfect smile dole. And you don't post the 100 that you took before that of them throwing a fit on the ground because he gave in the wrong granola bar. So in the spirit. Should I'd bats as of yet keeping it real. We're going to open the phone lines up for a hash tag parenting for real segment for GM has a very specific direction. She wants this ago. We can do parenting for real with a twist today where parents can press the things they do to steal alone time or two. Not parent let me give you an example and so a friend of mine thinks that her husband. Is faking the tummy troubles. So that he can go into the bathroom and sit on his iPad and scroll through FaceBook. He's saying he has to go in and sit on the toilet. You can't argue that. Right she's like I just don't really I'm not buying the Islamic issues. And she thinks that it's him just like going in there and have a moment of peace and get away from their three kids. And scuffled through the iPad and look at whatever it wants faced other sports apparel whatever it is if you drag it around dump and I was like listening to her story going that is hash tag parenting for real is sometimes you just need a break. So this specific ask then is. Hash tag parenting for real you want confessions of parents. Who have successfully. Avoided their own parenting duties yes. 404263094. Line if your bold enough to admit it. I I have a friend who would go make target rounds Minnesota has a call come home from work and she would say. And I got to forget to take your pick something up I gotta run to target should go to target. Sit in the Starbucks it's in the target with her Kindle and read books. And then go back like an hour later and say your husband pool boy that was a mad house says is you either have like three things which. That's a dead giveaway arrayed there who goes to target gets only Danny saying no way. So she would go back orders I was like didn't you ever wonder you know why you didn't have to cart loads of great and she's making you pay attention. Sometimes out walk in and not have anything I was a man asked for 042630941. Hash tag. Parenting for real when you avoided your kids edition isn't it. As I've got a friend who does says it regularly I cannot say her name her cheek as I don't want to call her out or give out her secret it's. On the weekends. She will explain to her husband just will how many aaron's she casts around for her kids I mean they all need. This and that for school projects in sports equipment this that and the other thing. But she has already shopped for and it's in her trunk OK on the weekends is like I am. Million parents around I gotta go ominous I it's gonna take a couple of hours you have kids in music sure gonna do your thing and she goes to the movies. Sushi and then she comes home and unloads her trunk. From the target Tripp that she had done a couple of days of social good gracious or whatever sushi intentionally leaves. Half of her staff in her trunk that is yet I have free pass in the future yeah up shall leave the sporting goods store and keep it all locked down in the trunk until. Jesus is the movies all around and as big glorious time. Jessica and you knew and when he got. High that I love porn and you hear all and I have had an end. Many many that many many back there and eat it yeah. Yeah yeah they call me that's why am glad I. And I am I imagine he umpire. Dot Ironkey Chris eat. Mainly in the noon and my husband would come home from where I AM immediately lit the door and I look at my sweet parent. Yes yeah. And I groceries are your kid yeah. I have lately it's kind of like a cat with a can opener like the cat just knows them like the aids. He hears you on raping a kit Kat you hey. I like is CNN's rapper open ended like me. Yeah yeah content out IL. Eight. Yeah that's. That is as enchanting Arianna. Julie and that Laurence Ville hash tag parent and drill. And I. A camera and her mom and I have a home schooler. And I don't know to go out and how are literally. Do eight hours of yard work just to not be in this is the outside. It I never knew who I don't ever touch chart work inside certain coastal and my children now. The master botnet. She's got like trees are per driver of the hazard and Edward scissor hands is right to enjoy. I kind of I do Kobe area look at she's pruning roses all day long it took. Hash tag managing for no real. Hey I am Jan you've got quite a following here with this is just happened just a Chris he would stack. Oh. This is a scary sentence spread how do you avoid your own children should took us. They are soaring steak and incoming Lankan memory while much intrigue idol oh. You know they haven't I and other current. Cup. So it could be your. The bachelor and your like does this Gary you'll want to see if it. Yet. Anything we could be on Adori and the like. Kerry and they run out really quite. Think that's why is the government high here and trained like spy is. Suit torture the enemy when all they need to do is find a crafty parents are tale. Or toddlers come up with ways to manipulate secrets. About the industrial. Andrea a lot of possessions and show let's hash tag parenting for real. Hi guys I had tiger on a nine year old and I have 8 o'clock the next village next thanks in my back share and about a my my kids. Need jury articles online had become a better here I go on the that you meet my. Yeah. It's great I played in every moment we. All right Andy not ended array. Has sagged parenting. Ed and I thinking very sad state Cheney welcome it's Evans and have. Eric. Gab okay Diana queen of hiding candy and I will stick it in special back into a pretext. I will all shake out like granola bar wrappers and wrapped them dislike the stickers and then marry you and my daughter doesn't figured out. See you take that you take a health food brat this skit about health food candy. Health food bar and wrapped it around real candy. Yes and I act like a preacher pat struggled a little like in many sectors and stuff and stick it in the green there and my daughter thinks Derek Burton viewed. I suspect that says she won't touch him yeah. Amazing fantastic. Thank jagged and things real thank you kitty thank serial bank are huge and when we come back. It to phone calls wine. Camera and Atlanta will confess where she has locked her own children think. To keep them away from our house and it's particularly your turn it and Christie NTELOS will tell us where she found her own husband did. Hiding from his kids for next. And she I'll star.