#ParentingForReal: Mega-Tantrum Edition Part 2

Wednesday, March 29th

Did your toddler FREAK when you gave them the wrong color plate? Then this segment is for you!


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It's solid sixties Jeff intended sixty minutes are none so it's your day started. Are not for one and it. Tammy we're gonna go rate and your story because they just offended Jan during the song by again comparing her children to my dogs. I out I'd pay. My daughter. Cool all right and I had a run in Wal-Mart to grab a couple I not only hit of the act out the handy and ask. You know I ain't no dental and she. Don't see that I'm and major. And the lady is trying to tell him look cool and cute trying to like get her money but I need you buy a calmer now and he ends up. Lapping the lady. June wrote this one may. I have no idea how guy it was more I I want you crawl under the cash register in Iraq as. A little and there ain't. Well that's an apple lower real. Why did you say the woman who just got clocked by your for your. I did an apologetic Allah ORE. She's having it there right now. Lee thank you goodbye to please let me get out leave the all right I'll. Yeah. And it flies like that age Tammy you can answer this awesome and ask Jen and Tammy late in the age of like two to five. In that window. If there's if there's thirty days and it in Amman there's thirty days in a month on average how many of those days do you experience. What you would call them. I would say thirty. When my dad when my daughter. Every day she's six now that he might batter. Let my man who almost nine he was hurt that he's still behind every day we are is that back. Adult on what you want to Wear like you want to eat too much you want quiet. Every day. It depends on the kids its position that I would say on average half as many. Analysts say. Yeah ash thank her and a I don't work. Well ours went and turn into some money for you if you just whip out your phone and found a heck yeah. We are talking about this while the sun is buying it. I parenting for real is a public service because I hope that it just makes somebody feel a little bit better. Yet make. For all you so much better about trying to raise little kids. Julianne do you feel better about the story you're about to share. Because Tammy skate it's someone like your kids island right. Actually. As fantastic. Future six. I'm actually a baby sitter and a rarity wins that I senate and biting their but again you and one that went up Matt. His brother passed him the ball. And you literally east room Obama. At one of the other kids on the other. And it's smack them in the eighties. And both Catlin Arctic crying on the court and would not play last that he and out of it they were crying get their parents weren't there could there and they weren't yelling at each other because. Passing the ball like you're supposed to. Make an Atlantic that there all of they were nine years old and they both know how to control the cell. Usually the coach calls a timeout to think that babies and has tried to call time out as to what exactly exactly. And I don't get. It. They're not you are kids Julie you're technically just leave in tech's defense is there a hugely in demand is created. So Jenn was talking we've. What are her friends at Mecca floors and they say that but some money behind. Because of where do you fall when you hit a mega tantrum is you get the flu right now. I have floors loves parenting for real. And they wanna celebrate the meltdown edition. Of parenting for real so if you can capture or have already captured at a mega tantrum. We want you to share with us. 500 bucks up for grabs the peso head over to started one Atlanta dot com and be right there on the homepage. All you have to do is share with us York mega tantrum BD Al and in the next month we're gonna look at all these videos maybe play some of them for you oh. Share with you on the show. And then at the end of that somebody is in the score 500. And I think the committee of the siders only needs to be parents because I would give everybody money. I think it is that I heavier feminine sending him like it's just surviving. I'd start giving them money and I don't want that person needs on about wine. And as yeah me and I don't think he looks down so. You just and when he upset about because you can't agree to be at. To go to south. Oh. Yeah. Amount. No. I don't strain. Our starters a stranger's his car alone now now now sorry Jane cut you off and we don't interrupt it always and I can't I was gonna say as I said it within thirty days you're gonna at least experience one of these. So next time your kid is in a tantrum mode. So they give us a cop. The Smart tough he did you. You just do Ted. What I didn't see just in May not. Wasn't easy tool. That's enough then. Do yeah job. You really just a. Defense. Almighty suggested that yeah. Yeah okay. Crowd. And she I'll still are far.